Travel Risk Assessment Template

Evaluate travel threats for any location to help prioritize your efforts and create a safety plan tailored to each trip.
Travel Risk Assessment Template
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Take the Guesswork Out of Safe Business Travel

As business travel returns to pre-pandemic levels, overburdened security teams are stretched even thinner than before.

By assessing a destination’s potential travel risks, likelihoods, and impacts, you’ll have a better idea of how to prioritize your efforts to keep your employees safe while on the road.

Know exactly where to focus your travel safety and security efforts

Use this template to calculate risk for a location based on how likely specific threats are to occur there. By analyzing a threat’s potential impact on your people, you’ll know in advance what to look out for.

Use the Travel Risk Assessment Template to:

  • Rate potential threat impacts on your people and business
  • Define your response to each threat and establish a continuity plan
  • Discover intelligence sources that help you understand threats to your people
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