Level-Up Your Fire Preparedness Strategy

No one ever expects a fire could happen to them. But the difference between a minor fire and a massive catastrophe is knowing how to avoid preventable incidents.

In this on-demand webinar, Stan Szpytek, the president of Fire and Life Safety, Inc. explains how to identify fire risks in your organization. In addition to best practices and actionable advice, you’ll get real-world examples from a retired Chicago-area Deputy Fire Chief dedicated to helping you prevent, respond, and recover from workplace fires.
Level-Up Your Fire Preparedness Strategy
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Workplace fires contribute to hundreds of deaths, injuries, and over $1B in property damage.

With millions of employees returning to the workplace, now is the time to build, scale, or assess your fire preparedness plan. You should also consider how your plan prepares and protects your remote workers from fire emergencies in their home offices.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to check for vulnerabilities in your fire preparedness plan
  • Tactical tips for turning preparations into a comprehensive safety plan
  • Best practices for conducting fire safety drills and trainings
  • Ways to involve onsite and remote workers in your fire safety program
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