Crisis Management Plan Template

Develop a plan tailored to your organization that ensures a timely, successful resolution to any critical event.
Crisis Management Plan Template
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Is Your Organization Prepared for a Crisis?

Businesses face greater scrutiny than ever before. Because of this, crisis management has become an increasingly important function, helping organizations respond quickly and confidently when critical events materialize. Unfortunately, many companies don’t think about how they’re going to respond to a crisis until one actually occurs—resulting in wasted time.

Reduce risk and recover faster

With this template, you will develop a fully-customized plan that ensures your team can meet any challenge head-on—no matter the situation.

Use this template to:

  • Conduct a risk analysis to identify and prioritize threats to your business
  • Create a response team and assign roles
  • Draft crisis response, communication, and recovery plans
  • Assess your plan’s performance, address gaps, and make improvements
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