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Tips From a Meteorologist on Preparing for Hurricane Season

The first step to hurricane readiness is knowing what to do and when.

In part one of our 2023 hurricane preparedness series, guest host Sara Pratley sat down with AlertMedia’s Senior Meteorologist, Jason Moreland, to unpack the early forecasts for the 2023 hurricane season and what organizations need to know to protect their people and property.

As Jason explains, now is the time to review communication plans, identify risks, and stock up on supplies.

Listen now to hear:

  • An overview of what meteorologists expect in 2023
  • What we learned from last year’s hurricane season
  • How El Niño could impact hurricane conditions
  • Tips for preparing your facilities and people

Jason also recommends visiting ready.gov/hurricanes and hurricanes.gov for the latest tropical weather outlook.

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Jason Moreland Hurricanes 2023
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