Duty of Care

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An employer’s duty of care is the legal and moral duty to protect its employees from unnecessary risk of harm. Learn how AlertMedia helps its customers fulfill their duty of care.


Laws Vary

Duty of care law varies by state and country. Familiarize yourself with the duty of care laws in every area your employees will be working in, or you could find yourself liable.

Plan Ahead

Doing your planning before a situation arises is crucial. Decide how your company will respond to different situations, so that when the time comes to act, you won’t be caught without a plan.

Go Above and Beyond

Duty of care is not about just doing the legal bare minimum. Employers who go above and beyond to embrace their duty of care make their employees’ safety their number one priority.


The legal standard for most states’ duty of care law is foreseeability. Take the time to consider all the possible situations that could arise for your company, so you don’t end up regretting it later.

Accurate Contact Information

One way to leave your employees at risk is by having inaccurate or outdated information. Make sure your information is always up-to-date and if possible, have it update across platforms automatically.

Open Communication

Let your employees know the measures you are taking to protect them. This will make them more open to doing their part and helping you help them.


Mapping and Geo-fencing

Know where your employees are, not where they should be. Use real-time location data to alert travelling employees to threats in their areas.

Real-time Reporting

Don’t just press a button and hope for the best. Know who has and has not received your message by checking your message’s live delivery status.

Multichannel Interaction

Make sure you can reach all your employees by using multiple channels to ensure your message gets through.


Keep your employees informed with the latest alerts, warnings, and news.


AlertMedia’s monitoring center is always on-call to respond to emergencies and alarms.

Event Pages

Track a situation and organize your response with event pages.



AlertMedia’s ease-of-use helps H-E-B communicate proactively with employees and customers.

Centracare fullfills its employer's duty of care with AlertMedia

CentraCare uses AlertMedia to ensure employee safety, improve operational efficiency, and increase worker confidence.

Rockland Trust also fullfills its employer's duty of care with AlertMedia

Rockland Trust Bank uses AlertMedia to improve their organization’s employee safety, transparency, communication, and business continuity.

Fulfill your duty of care.

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