The Thirty-Three Percenters of Mass Notifications
Communications Oct 22, 2014

The Thirty-Three Percenters of Mass Notifications

One-third of large organizations currently DO NOT have a technology solution in place for emergency mass communication. And that’s a problem.

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We’ve run the numbers. Two-thirds of large organizations – including all sizes of business, health, education, and government entities – currently DO have a technology solution in place for emergency mass communication.

The other 33% DO NOT.

When we talk to these organizations and ask them why we hear things like…

“We don’t ever have emergency situations.”

“We have e-mail.” / “We just call everyone.”

“We need something, it just hasn’t been a priority.”

Are you part of this 33%?

Are You Part of the 33%?

If you are, you should consider the three most common questions that those in the 33% ask when we talk to them:

What’s wrong with what I do now, using mass e-mail or phone trees?

ANSWER: Every second counts. Email gets lost. Phone trees are slow, inefficient, and unmanageable. Your people are mobile. They need push notifications, updates, live feeds, two-way conversation tools, and they need several channels through which to get the message – especially if one system is down or inaccessible.

When would I ever need a solution like AlertMedia?

ANSWER: When it’s too late. Don’t be the person who looks back and realizes: Should have, would have, could have. If you get a chance, turn on the news. When severe weather, workplace violence, an Ebola outbreak, a gridlocked freeway, or a five-alarm fire happens … the question of who is responsible inevitably comes up. As an employer, municipality, caregiver, or facility manager – you are responsible and must take action. The first action is to get the word out, fast.

How can we possibly justify the expense of a system like AlertMedia?

ANSWER: Because the alternative is much more expensive. Loss of life, injury, property damage, business downtime, damage to your reputation, litigation … these are all preventable costs that could be high enough to cost you and others your jobs, and even put your entire organization at risk. And you might be surprised at just how inexpensive AlertMedia’s platform actually is.

Contact us today to ask other questions and find out more. You don’t want to be part of the 33%, and you don’t want to be the one who could have been prepared (but wasn’t). You can be the hero.

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