It’s Safety First for Marquette and Its Property Managers

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For employees of property management companies, meeting strangers and showing them empty apartments, homes, or commercial spaces is simply part of the job. Like other lone workers (such as real estate agents, home healthcare employees, maintenance and repair employees, and utility workers) it’s also a major safety concern.

Lone worker safety is a serious responsibility for property management organizations. In 2017, 69 real estate professionals were fatally injured on the job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a profession where meeting members of the public each day is standard. So it’s critically important to have a lone worker safety plan in place.

AlertMedia customer Marquette Management uses SafeSignal for its 100 leasing consultants in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas. The organization’s consultants are responsible for showing properties throughout the day. In addition, depending on the size of the property, they may work alone or put in late hours in the evening. Marquette’s properties often consist of multiple upscale apartment buildings. Safety concerns include knowing where consultants are when they leave the leasing office and keeping them safe when showing apartments.

A zero-button safety solution

Marquette Management needed a reliable and easy-to-use technology solution. SafeSignal is a user-friendly safety platform that keeps employees safe in life-threatening situations. This zero-button safety solution is a lone worker safety app that works in conjunction with a tether or headphones that plug into a smartphone. This empowers lone workers to quickly signal for help from law enforcement if an incident occurs.

“Our goal was to find a solution that reassured our consultants—and actually had the capacity and technology to keep them safe,” said Mindy Helms, Director of Human Resources, Marquette Management.

Now, when Marquette Management consultants leave the leasing office, they have their phone in their hand or pocket, tethered with SafeSignal. To use the system, they plug the tether into their device and start a monitoring session with the SafeSignal app. To call for help during a potentially dangerous situation, consultants can simply pull the tether from their phone, even if it’s locked.

Alternatively, a business can choose to forgo the tether and instead start a timed session. If the tether is pulled or the timed session expires, the device sounds an alarm and immediately prompts AlertMedia’s monitoring team to call and dispatch local authorities to the scene.

“SafeSignal is what we needed to provide an additional layer of safety for our consultants,” said Helms. “It’s user-friendly and easy to learn.”

Ease of rollout

Marquette notes that the SafeSignal rollout went off without a hitch. First, they emailed an introductory video to employees to explain the product and how it works. Then, Marquette hosted webinars for consultants that provided instructions for use and to set expectations. As a result, all 32 of their properties enthusiastically embraced SafeSignal.

Keep property management consultants safe

No worker ever wants to feel alone and unsafe. When a Marquette consultant plugs in their tether or begins a timed session, it immediately signals to the consultant and anyone they are with that someone else is looking out for the employee. Marquette consultants can rest assured that SafeSignal is far more than a “panic alarm” that simply blares noise; their monitoring session is connected in real time to AlertMedia’s monitoring center that will send law enforcement immediately using GPS coordinates.

Another advantage that SafeSignal has over personal safety devices that require a login or a multi-step process is that the app and tether operate as a “zero-button safety solution.” If something threatens the consultant, he or she only has to pull the tether or let the timed session expire—that’s it. The worker does not need fine motor skills to enter a passcode or send a text message.

How can your property management company protect lone workers?

It’s every employer’s responsibility to protect their lone workers. Your property management consultants should always have a way for lone workers to signal for help. Companies should make sure someone reliable is monitoring their employees in real time.

Great employees are more likely to stay on the job when they feel safe and valued as they work. Contact us today to learn more about SafeSignal. This zero-button safety solution can protect your property management consultants every time they step away from their desk.

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