SafeSignal’s Lone Worker Safety Solution Debuts at National Association of Social Workers

By July 5, 2016 September 6th, 2018 Safety and Security

SafeSignal’s Lone Worker Safety Solution Debuts at National Association of Social Workers
This past week, the AlertMedia crew made our way to Washington D.C. to sponsor the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) conference. Over 2,300 social workers from all over the country gathered to network, learn new training methods, and hear best practices on how they can be leaders of change for society. Our debut appearance at NASW was an exciting three days where we had the opportunity to speak with social workers about SafeSignal and how it is not only transforming an industry, but saving people’s lives with the most innovative lone worker safety solution available.

All of the attendees received bright yellow tethers in their welcome bags and they quickly became the talk of the conference. Our team did hundreds of demonstrations on how the tether plugs into their phone and works in combination with a mobile app, giving people who work in potentially dangerous situations a direct connection to law enforcement. A couple of SafeSignal features really stood out to all of the attendees.

AlterMedia Debuts at National Association of Social Workers
  • Their excitement radiated when we explained that AlertMedia has an around the clock Monitoring Center that tracks the users’ exact location with location services enabled on their smartphone. With SafeSignal being a patented technology, no one has ever seen a product like it. You can imagine how exciting this is for social workers who spend most of their days traveling from visit to visit. Often those visits can be in potentially harmful situations, and it’s nerve-racking without a simple, effective way to call for help. This functionality is a huge leap forward in lone worker safety.
  • The loud, verbal alarm that sounds when you pull the tether was a huge hit (even a few verbal gasps of excitement!). When social workers are faced with an aggressor, you can understand how a strong, authoritative voice telling the aggressor that law enforcement is on their way is an incredible deterrent.
SafeSignal’s Lone Worker Safety Solution

The AlertMedia team heard countless stories of either someone who has experienced an emergency incident or knows of a friend who has. Everyone was very aware of the potential danger they face on a daily basis, and could see how the product can span across multiple use cases. Everything from lone workers who are in the field visiting people’s home for child protective services, adult protective services, and in-home healthcare, to workers receiving patients for mental health or substance abuse. Even if a social worker had a troubling visit earlier in the day and they wanted to continue to be monitored in the evening, they loved the idea of being able to use the tether outside of work – on a run or to sleep with the tether plugged in at night.

With 85% of social workers stating that they have experienced psychological or physical aggression at some point in their careers, they are starving for safety technology that can help protect them in dangerous situations. Their families have been nervous about them taking such a risky job and employers have been faced with high employee turnover due to a lack of safety confidence within their organization. SafeSignal is finally an answer to all of these concerns.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by our booth to learn more about AlertMedia, and to share your thoughts and ideas on how SafeSignal will help provide peace of mind as you do your daily job. See you next year!


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