Getting the Most out of Your Employee Notification System
Communications Aug 01, 2016

Getting the Most out of Your Employee Notification System

An employee notification system can revolutionize the way you communicate with your personnel. In this post, we discuss the primary benefits of having a notification system capable of keeping your staff informed during critical events.

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An employee notification system can revolutionize the way you communicate with your personnel. The benefits of having a notification system available for your staff are numerous. They’re better informed, safer, and the system creates a sense of transparency that workers appreciate from their management. Your system should provide a variety of features to simplify and streamline communication efforts with your team. To get the most out of your employee notification system, you can leverage its key features like the mobile app, your dedicated emergency number, groups, and HR system synchronization – among others.

Below are just a few of the features you should expect from a modern employee notification system.

Mobile App

Mobile app access is invaluable for employees. It allows users to receive messages on the go through social media, app push notifications, text, and voice – without being tied to a desk constantly refreshing email. A unique feature that AlertMedia offers within the app is the “get help now” button that allows your employees to signal for help from their exact location. Two-way communications can also be used within the mobile app. Users can send messages via the app to admins to provide more information on an ongoing event or to ask a question. A mobile app provides added security and awareness around events, no matter where your audience is around the world, and an added layer of accessibility for your users.

Dedicated Emergency Number

Organizations can greatly benefit from a dedicated emergency phone number in their employee notification system. Having a specific number for users to call-in and leave messages allows admins to manage incoming questions or receive updates about ongoing events. This is essential to ensuring employee safety as it gives admins the ability to listen, react, and direct users to safety. The call-in emergency number also allows for a constantly changing voicemail, enabling admins to record updates on a critical event that is unfolding, or provide specific information that users might need.


Groups allow admins to put together employees with similar attributes (location, title, department, etc.) in order to quickly and easily communicate with them. We believe that groups are a must-have feature for admins to be able to cater messages to like audiences. This creates a streamlined and more efficient communications process. For example, if there is an office closure in Tampa, admins can send a notification to employees in the Tampa group without having to notify other locations. Groups enable admins to be able to contact the right group at the right time and ensure that the correct users get the information they need.

Synchronization with HR Systems

Our employee notification system has the ability to sync with human resource systems such as active directory. Employees come and go, but with an automated system to provision and de-provision users, your contacts are constantly updated and accurate. When sending notifications, you can rest assured that contacts are up to date and that all employees you’re targeting will be informed of the event.

User Preferences Customization

Users have the ability to keep their contact information updated through the user profile functionality. In addition to updating contact information, users can also select their notification preferences and choose which channel they would like to receive notifications. This helps users to stay engaged by allowing them to choose how they want to hear from you and always have updated personal information. Admins can utilize the user profile functionality to prevent sending to outdated contacts and sending messages to users on unwanted channels that users are likely to ignore.

Map View of Your Employees

The map view of your employees enables you to send notifications to users based on their location and monitor their well-being. Through the geo-fencing tool, you can draw a shape around a particular area and send a notification only to people contained in the shape. If a critical event occurs, you can alert users based on their location to ensure that only affected staff are sent a message.

Utilizing Templates

Templates can be prepared ahead of time for recurring events, or situations when information would need to be sent out as quickly as possible. To be sure you send a message with the right information for your employees, plan out commonly used communications like a recurring weekly meeting, or for emergency situations like fires. Planning in advance helps to simplify the notification process and guarantee you’re able to communicate the right message without being in a rush.

These features all facilitate notifying your employees when time is of the essence around a critical event. Employee notification systems simplify, streamline, and optimize communications with your staff, enabling you to alert your employees to situations in the most effective way possible.

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