Your Emergency Notification Software: Building Resilience through Monitoring
Safety and Security Jun 20, 2016

Your Emergency Notification Software: Building Resilience through Monitoring

Maintaining a resilient business with regular operations before, during, and after an unexpected event requires emergency notification software.

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Business resilience is your organization’s ability to adapt and adequately respond to events—no matter how critical the situation—that affect your business internally or externally with little impact on your operations, people, and structure. Your business’s ability to be resilient and prepared relies on careful, corresponding planning related to both business continuity and disaster recovery, and at the forefront of prevention and strong response is access to monitoring your business and your people.

Maintaining a resilient business with regular operations before, during, and after an unexpected event requires emergency notification software that, like business resilience and disaster recovery planning, takes a holistic approach. In order to build a resilient business, you must be able to rely on your emergency notification software to monitor everything around you—potential threats, your people, your business, your communications. You need the full picture of what is exactly going on at all times.

AlertMedia keeps the pulse of your business – monitoring what your organization cares about most.

Monitor the outside world, your people, events, and communications. Build your business’s resilience by looking out for:

Potential Threats

Our monitoring team works 24/7 tracking anything that could impact your business: operational data, local, national, and international threats, inclement weather, and any data source that could put your business at risk. Our monitoring center curates and delivers urgent news and data items you and your business care about most. We track relevant third-party sources, looking for warnings that you need to know about, and alert you immediately. You can then make smart, informed decisions when it comes to communicating important information to your people, planning a response, or taking immediate action to protect your business and people against a critical event.


Your people are your business—they are what operates the organization, and they’re what executes resilience. So, keeping your people safe is, above all, the most important thing. But, keeping track of where they are in an emergency can be a major challenge. And, as someone who prioritizes employee safety as their full-time job, that kind of information is incredibly valuable when considering the well-being of each individual and the resilience of the business. Is danger approaching their location? Is someone near an incident? Do you need to deliver immediate information to someone in a specific area? It’s essential your emergency notification software provide a real-time view of your groups, mobile people, and their physical location on a map. With the full picture, you can target relevant audiences, and direct your people to safety, provide appropriate updates and critical info, and make sure they are unharmed.


Your employees are the eyes and ears of your organization—getting their feedback and staying in contact with them throughout the duration of an event, will help keep everyone safe and connected. Is someone near the incident? Do they have critical information? Does a group of people in an affected area need to get to safety? These are all pieces of information that will help you resolve an incident more efficiently. If your software comes with an emergency notification app, you can pinpoint on a map the location of incoming messages and responses from your people, the progression of events, and the exact coordinates of where someone pressed a panic button—so you can send immediate assistance in an emergency. If you want your business to be resilient, you have to plan carefully and continually, keeping a close eye on your organization and what’s going on around it. Your organization needs to be fully equipped to adapt and effectively respond to disruptions and operate confidentially in the face of a crisis. You need to keep your people prepared, safe, and informed. To do this, you need a reliable, secure emergency notification system that can monitor your entire ecosystem. AlertMedia offers real-time emergency notification software and event monitoring services that are critical to your organization’s protection and resiliency.

Protect your people and your business today.

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