AlertMedia 2015 Highlights
Company News Dec 30, 2015

AlertMedia 2015 Highlights: A Year in Review

AlertMedia had an exciting 2015, largely defined by exponential growth and successfully redefining what mass notification means in the market.

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What an incredible year! AlertMedia has had an exciting 2015, largely defined by the different types of exponential growth we’ve experienced within our organization and beyond.

Here are a few key highlights:

In June, we received a significant investment to redefine what mass notification means in the market and address the increasing demand for our mass communications platform. Though many of our customers use our software for emergency communications, we learned that our software is far more versatile in its interactive features and functionality. Our customers use the platform to solve challenges around daily business communications and operational needs like scheduling, dispatching, and other logistics. The use cases are endless. We’ve gone from serving a handful of key industries to serving all industries just within this year.

This type of growth quickly allowed us to outgrow a boxed-in market. Then, we focused our attention within the organization and we grew even more: in talent and in space. Our team quadrupled in size (and we’re still adding members!). We also unveiled some fancy new digs to call home in the hills of Austin; an airy office space complete with stunning views of downtown and spacious conference rooms named after superhero hideouts.

It’s the humble, hardworking team at AlertMedia that, in addition to introducing hundreds of buzzworthy features to the platform this year, launched SafeSignal—an entirely new product line complete with a 24/7 monitoring service to keep your people safe.

Just this year alone we increased our customer roster by 85%, giving them the power to communicate with their people all over the world. Our partners and customers have supported us every step of the way. They’re a testament to our passion for helping build company resiliency and security, and they’re helping us redefine mass communications. We’ve learned and we’ve grown. And we have amazing customers, supporters, and leaders to thank for it all.

We look ahead to a year full of ambitious goals as we continue to develop and deliver the best mass communications and monitoring technology on the market.

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