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Simplify Your Emergency Communications With an Alert Notification System

See how AlertMedia can help you:

  • Communicate about emergencies quickly and easily
  • Alert your employees on any device no matter where they are
  • Collect real-time receipt data, and use two-way messaging capabilities to hear back from your people
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What Is an Alert Notification System?

An alert notification system allows you to send out an emergency message or other notification using different channels, such as text message, phone call, or email. With this software solution, you can deliver critical information about emergency situations to all your employees at once through multiple channels.


With AlertMedia’s Notification System, You’re Equipped to Send Emergency Alerts Through All Channels

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    Landline or mobile phone calls
  • AlertMedia_CustomerSpotlight_RocklandTrust_OverviewIcon2
    SMS text messaging
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    Digital signage
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    Desktop alerts
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    Mobile app

Trusted by Thousands of World-Class Organizations

An Alert Notification System for the Modern Threat Landscape

Don’t settle for a system that can’t handle the threats you face. Keep your employees safe by ensuring information gets in the right hands at the right time.

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    More Reliable Than Phone Trees
    Traditional notification solutions like phone trees simply don’t cut it. You need an alert software that can deliver critical information instantly to any communication channel.
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    Fits Any Company’s Size and Needs
    Older systems were limited by server sizes and computing capabilities that constricted how many messages could be sent at once. But modern alert systems are able to keep up with huge messaging loads without slowing speeds, no matter how many employees you are sending to.
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    Integrated Threat Intelligence
    Some mass communication technology works directly with a threat intelligence system, so you can rely on a single source of truth for your company’s safety. See relevant threat events and notify employees all from the same interface.
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    Automated Processes Make Communication Easier
    When every second counts, you want an alert solution that can automate your notifications as much as possible. Set up automation through direct threat alerts from your threat monitoring system or by leveraging pre-built notification templates.

The Top-Rated Solution for Any Size Business

Keeping your people safe and connected has never been easier
  • GetApp Customer Reviews
    Reviewers on GetApp give AlertMedia an average rating of 4.8/5
  • Capterra Customer Reviews
    Reviewers on Capterra give AlertMedia an average rating of 4.8/5
  • G2 Customer Reviews
    Reviewers on G2 give AlertMedia an average rating of 4.6/5

Find an Emergency Notification System You Can Trust With Your Team’s Safety

Whether you’re reaching out to 10 or 100,000 people, you need a modern, quick, and reliable alert system that keeps everyone connected during critical events.

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    Any Device, Anywhere
    Whatever device you’re using, AlertMedia provides you with a unified alert notification system to reach your people within seconds.
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    Enterprise Security
    We provide the safest environment for your data, with full encryption at rest and in-transit, alignment with security best practices, and a robust technical environment.
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    Two-Way Messaging
    Give your people a voice with interactive communication features, including read receipts, surveys, wellness checks, incoming messages, and “need help” requests.
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    Multichannel Delivery
    Send unlimited messages to your audience via voice calls, text messages, emails, mobile app push notifications, social media, desktop alerts, and unlimited custom channels.
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    Intuitive User Experience
    With no training required and a modern, intuitive set of screens, some of the world’s largest organizations are up and running within minutes.
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    Reporting & Insights
    Use our data-driven insights to improve your organization’s emergency management. Track progress with data and analysis you can use.

Use AlertMedia’s Mass Communication System in Any Critical Situation

  • Security threats, lockdowns, and crime
  • Severe weather
  • Natural disasters
  • Power outages and facility issues
  • Public safety concerns
  • Fire drills and evacuations
  • Building, facility, and campus closures
  • Policy changes and reminders
  • Internet, phone, or other system outages
  • Area traffic and street closures
  • Important internal communications
  • Events and reminders

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Solutions for Companies of All Sizes

Organizations across a range of industries, from small businesses to the Fortune 500, trust AlertMedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use an alert notification service?
    An alert notification service is the best, most reliable tool to ensure you can reach your employees during a critical event. In an emergency situation, an alert notification system enables you to send out important information, such as evacuation orders or active shooter alerts, to keep your employees out of harm’s way. Using a modern alert system will save you time and money by improving your overall emergency response and business continuity efforts and preventing injuries or casualties.
  • What are the benefits of alert notification systems?
    The right alert notification system will be easy to use and quick to implement. You’ll be able to contact your entire team—or a segmented group—on any device, through multiple communication channels instantly, 24/7. Plus, you can see responses in real time so you know who needs assistance. A reliable and robust emergency notification system gives you peace of mind that your employees can receive and respond to critical information during chaotic situations and stay safe during an emergency.
  • How do you send an alert notification?
    With AlertMedia’s emergency alert system, all you have to do is connect to your employee management system or import your team’s contact information—there is no need for manual opt-in. Then sending an alert is as simple as selecting the channels you want to send to—such as mobile devices or email—and typing your message. With just a few clicks, you can send critical messages to your whole team or specific groups. You can also create notification templates in advance so sending alerts is even faster.
  • When would you send an emergency notification?
    Emergency notifications are helpful in any critical situation where you need to deliver information quickly—such as during an evacuation, systems outage, severe weather, active shooter events, or natural disasters. But you can also use the system to update your team about policy changes, public safety events, or any other critical information.
  • What makes a good alert notification software?
    During emergency situations, you need a communication system you can trust. The right software will have multichannel delivery, two-way communication capabilities, interoperability, and intuitive design. Look for a tool that is easy to use and quick to deploy because safety often comes down to seconds.
  • Who needs an alert notification solution?
    Every business, large or small, can benefit from an emergency mass notification system to notify their employees about important information. It is especially useful for businesses that may need to alert employees quickly to ensure safe outcomes. An alert notification system gives your emergency management a leg up by connecting you directly to your team, no matter where they are.
  • How do you ensure your alerts are timely and accurate?
    Sending a timely and accurate emergency alert can be the difference between a tense situation and a dangerous catastrophe. A great way to ensure an effective emergency response is by using pre-built notification templates. You can incorporate planned safety instructions, such as assembly points or evacuation routes—that way, when disaster strikes, all you have to do is add in details and hit send. Grouping employees by location or team also ensures you can send the right information to the right people and avoid confusion. With integrated threat intelligence, you can also feel confident you’re prioritizing the right threats at the right times based on the potential impact to your people in specific locations.
  • Can you segment recipients to send alert notifications to those who need them?
    You can create segments or groups for your employees based on location, building, team, or other differentiating elements. Then you can send more specific alerts and messages to the right people without disrupting others with irrelevant information.

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