Start Protecting Your Lone Workers Today
Get a demo to see how AlertMedia’s Safety Monitoring solution can help keep your distributed workforce safe 24/7, wherever they are.
cell phone and laptop showing screen of safety monitoring map and product
See for Yourself How AlertMedia’s Safety Monitoring Can Help
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    Safeguard Your People Wherever They Are
    Give your people a fast and reliable way to signal for help from your internal teams or law enforcement with the tap of a button.
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    Respond Immediately to Incidents 24/7/365
    Ensure a rapid response to safety incidents with the support of a highly-trained monitoring team that acts as an extension of your team to get employees help faster.
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    Help Your People Avoid Dangerous Situations
    Provide your people with location-aware intelligence on severe weather and other physical security incidents that present risks to their personal safety or ability to perform service.

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