Emergency Notification App – Mass Communications to Keep Your People Safe and Informed

Leveraging smartphones to improve emergency communications.

AlertMedia’s emergency notification app delivers enterprise mass notification features and audience engagement tools right to your mobile phones. As an administrator, you can send notifications to thousands of people within seconds, from your phone, keeping those people safe and informed of critical events. Your people will be able to share their locations, initiate requests for help, and reply to your messages, improving your ability to monitor their well-being with frontline perspective.

Our emergency notification app delivers enterprise functionality in native mobile experiences.

You need an emergency notification system that provides both web and mobile access. While web applications are convenient and easily accessed through a web browser, there will be times when you’re traveling, or when your computer systems go down, and you’ll require access to your emergency mass notification system right from your smartphone. The AlertMedia emergency notification app brings administrators incredible power in an easy-to-use mobile interface.

emergency alert app

Use our emergency notification app to reach any audience, anywhere in the world.

Send emergency notifications to 10 people or 10,000 people right from your phone.

Send a new notification right from your emergency notification app using the following configurations:

Read Receipt – If you need your people to confirm they received the message, request a read receipt. This will prompt your recipient to confirm they received the notification by hitting the number 1.

Survey Response – Don’t just send a message from your emergency notification app, solicit feedback from your people by sending them a survey. AlertMedia allows you to send a survey right from your mobile app to gather user-specific feedback. Create up to 9 survey responses to any question.

Conference Bridge – In the face of a critical event, it can be important to get key stakeholders on the phone immediately. Turn your notification into a conference bridge, and the recipients of the message will be invited to join a live phone bridge. This offers a powerful, real-time way to collaborate when your team needs answers and a response immediately.

emergency notification app home screen

Send surveys and initiate conference calls from the emergency notification app.

Send notification over multiple channels simultaneously.

Some messages are more important than just email. When you need to ensure people get your message, send that message over multiple channels at the same time using AlertMedia’s emergency notification app.

Text – Sending a text message alert is a sure way to deliver critical messages.

Voice – You send notifications in the form of a voice call, so your recipients will receive a call and hear your message.

Email – While email is overloaded and often overlooked, select email as a channel to ensure a comprehensive approach to your emergency notification process.

Mobile app – Yes, you can (and should) send messages from your emergency notification app directly to the mobile app on the phones of your people.

Social – If needed, you can easily send your notification to your social accounts, updating those people who subscribe to and follow your feeds. This channel isn’t particularly strong for guaranteeing the delivery of a critical message to your people, but it certainly supports it.

emergency notification app

Send notifications across all channels: text, voice, app, email, and social.

Give power to your people – keep them better informed and safe                                                                                

Whether or not your organization has remote employees and multiple locations, you and your team can benefit from deploying the right emergency notification app. The AlertMedia mobile app helps you put the power of communication onto everyone’s phone, with functionality designed to keep everyone safe, informed, and connected.

Location services – Your employees don’t spend all of their time in the office. They travel from location to location, they commute to and from work, and they take lunches and breaks. You might not always know your employees’ whereabouts, but you can bet they have their smartphones within reach. As such, they can broadcast their location to you by electing to enable location services. The AlertMedia emergency notification app will display everyone’s location in real-time right on your dashboard map.

Help now! – Your people can use the emergency notification app to send incoming requests for help. With the simple push of a button, your admins will receive notifications of the request for help along with the location of the person at the time of sending. The help now feature allows for a customized message, thus empowering your people to be the eyes and ears on the frontline during an event.

Push notifications – The AlertMedia app provides another channel for incoming notifications, allowing your people to receive notifications in real time, on their mobile device, over any connection. Using the mobile app as part of your notification strategy improves the likelihood of message receipt by offering another channel. App pushes also get delivered very quickly, and their success doesn’t rely on additional telephony networks for delivery.

What can you expect from the best emergency notification app vendor?

With AlertMedia, you can expect a solution that combines the most innovative, easy-to-use software with epic customer support. Our app has all of the features you need to effectively and quickly send notifications to any of your people right from your phone, either via a new notification or by leveraging a pre-built template.