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Facilitate communication around events to improve organizational transparency.

Employees are the greatest asset to any organization. But a lack of communication can make personnel feel out of the loop and unaware – hurting company morale. When staff isn’t notified of critical events they may become frustrated or worse, endangered by the situation.

Employees deserve to be informed of events as soon as they happen and instantly notified no matter where they are in the world or which device they’re using. Their job satisfaction and safety depend on the efficient communication of pertinent information.


What Is an Employee Notification System?

An employee notification system allows you to communicate with your audience through any channel on any device. This kind of system allows for real-time, two-way communication to inform personnel of information related to events they care about and for them to inform admins of relevant updates or feedback on situations in their area.

An employee notification system should be able to send messages across multiple channels including text, email, voice call, and social media – among others. By increasing the number of channels the platform can notify employees through, the notification becomes more visible to the end-user, ensuring they see the message and are able to act accordingly.

Employees Expect to Know More, Not Less

Messages from their employers about situations that affect their working life are something employees have come to expect. These situations can be as mundane as a meeting time changing, or as crucial as an impending flood.


Employees must be notified of emergencies that affect them. When IT systems are down or the power unexpectedly goes out, an employee notification system is the only way to keep an organization safe and informed during critical situations.

Office closures

Office closures can happen suddenly, and failing to let employees know about these changes can lead to a lot of frustration and inefficiencies. In some cases, personnel will likely still come in, facing potentially risky situations to arrive at the office. An employee alert system informs them of the closure early enough that they may avoid any undue harm and plan in advance.

Bad weather

Inclement weather can place employees in potentially dangerous situations. For example, extreme rain or snow can cause incredibly risky driving conditions for employees on their way to work. It’s imperative to have a solution in place that quickly and securely notifies staff when these situations occur and how to handle them.

Company communications

Companies of all sizes have important communications that need to reach across the entire organization. These can range from holiday party announcements to surveys for lunch to structural changes within the organization that need to reach the right audience at the right time.

Delays in operations

Employees in all relevant departments will want to know about delays in operations or other logistical hiccups. If a delivery truck is late, simply sending a message to the team in charge of receiving the shipment will reduce confusion and ensure efficiency.

Potential threats

Some external threats have the possibility of becoming an active issue, and staying ahead of the curve is something your employees will greatly value. An active shooter in the area of an office location requires that staff be alerted to the situation so that they can be aware, provide any additional knowledge on the situation, and evaluate their best plan of action to safety. The ability to monitor situations before they arise is crucial to staying on top of events that can impact your company and staff.

See how AlertMedia can help protect your people and business during emergencies.

Features to Look for in an Employee Notification System

A robust set of features in your notification system is crucial to informing your employees of an impending situation quickly and efficiently. Features should include:

  • Two-way communication
  • User grouping
  • A mobile app
  • Map features to quickly send alerts based on location
  • And much more

Two-way communication enables users to send in a message to admins as a reply to an initial notification, or a separate message. They also allow employees to access the emergency phone number to receive updates or provide tips on ongoing events. These messages can be vital in reporting on additional information about an event or sending in a well-being status.

The ability to sort users into groups is imperative in a mass notification system. They place similar employees by department, location, or any other categorization relevant to the organization. Groups can have hierarchies as well. For example, the Chicago office group could contain several smaller groups for departments like operations, marketing, and sales.

A thorough employee notification system will also provide a mobile app. A well-designed mobile app will allow admins to send alerts and monitor threats on the go. A critical event doesn’t always strike when you’re at your desk, so mobile functionality is crucial for an all-encompassing communications system.

Map features such as geofencing provide admins with the ability to send a notification to employees in a certain area, all with a few clicks. User’s locations update in real-time to ensure accurate locations and relevant alerts.

A dedicated emergency number is a must-have in any communication system. It allows employees to find out specific information about an ongoing event or to leave feedback for admins regarding a critical situation.

Send Messages That Will Be Received and Seen

Devices and the technology they use are changing every day. Phone trees and mass emails simply no longer work for effectively communicating with your staff. Users want instant information at their fingertips and they want it on their preferred channel and their preferred device. A solid notification system will follow the user’s communication preferences and will utilize as many channels as necessary to get the message across to employees – all in one platform.

It Goes Both Ways – Listen to Your Audience

Audience interaction is one of the most crucial facets of an effective employee notification system. Two-way communication with an audience allows for their response and ability to send alerts to admins, allowing them to push that message on to others who may need it.

Employees should always be informed of situations that affect their working lives, and doing so greatly improves worker happiness and job satisfaction. According to a recent study by TINYpulse, “the no. 1 contributor to employee happiness is transparency.” An employee notification system facilitates communication around events, improving transparency for staff and organizations alike.

An employee notification system improves not only the ease and speed of communicating with workers but also their job satisfaction and safety. AlertMedia facilitates efficient two-way communication with users on any device, over any channel, and is an essential tool for keeping employees in the know.

How to Roll Out a Pain-Free Emergency Notification System

With customers across 130+ countries, AlertMedia knows how to implement systems without burdening our customers. We deliver epic customer support alongside our easy-to-use, innovative software experience that works across all of your devices.

Our world-class software sends quick, reliable, and secure notifications.

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Want To Roll Out a Pain-Free Emergency Notification System?

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