Protect Your People. Protect Your Business.

Identify threats and communicate faster during emergencies and other critical events. See how AlertMedia can help you protect your people and business, 24/7/365.
See How AlertMedia Can Help You Protect Your People

Trusted by Thousands of World-Class Organizations

Your Partner in Employee Safety

Choose the only emergency communication software built for the modern workforce
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    Built for Humans
    Easily send notifications to employees anywhere in the world with intuitive features and pre-built communication templates.
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    World-Class 24/7 Support
    Partner with a dedicated customer success manager who acts as an extension of your own team.
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    Reliable & Secure
    Protect your people and business with a robust, scalable infrastructure trusted by thousands of global organizations.

Expect Greatness From Your Emergency Communication System

Whether you’re reaching out to 10 or 10,000 people, you need a reliable, quick, and modern system that keeps everyone connected during critical events.

  • AlertMedia_PPC_TextMessageAlertSystem_ExpectGreatness_AnyDeviceAnywhere
    Any Device, Anywhere
    Whatever device you are using, AlertMedia provides you with a unified emergency notification system to get notifications out to your people within seconds.
  • AlertMedia_PPC_TextMessageAlertSystem_ExpectGreatness_EnterpriseSecurity
    Enterprise Security
    We provide the safest environment for your data, with full encryption at rest and in-transit, best-practices security policies, and a robust technical environment.
  • AlertMedia_PPC_TextMessageAlertSystem_ExpectGreatness_Two-WayMessaging
    Two-Way Messaging
    Give your people a voice with audience communication features including read receipts, surveys, wellness checks, incoming messages, and “need help” requests.
  • AlertMedia_PPC_TextMessageAlertSystem_ExpectGreatness_Multi-ChannelDelivery
    Multi-Channel Delivery
    Send unlimited messages to your audience via voice call, text message, email, mobile app push notification, social media, desktop alerts, and unlimited custom channels.
  • AlertMedia_PPC_TextMessageAlertSystem_ExpectGreatness_IntuitiveUser-Experience
    Intuitive User-Experience
    With no training required and a modern, intuitive set of screens, some of the world’s largest organizations are up and running within minutes.
  • AlertMedia_PPC_TextMessageAlertSystem_ExpectGreatness_ReportingAndInsights
    Reporting & Insights
    Use our data-driven insights to improve the processes of how your organization handles an event. Track progress with insights you can use.

A Solution for Companies of All Sizes

Organizations across a range of industries, from small businesses to the Fortune 1000, trust AlertMedia

Validated User Reviews

Don't just take it from us. Read for yourself what our customers are saying about AlertMedia.

Solve Real Challenges With AlertMedia

Inject real-time, reliable communications into your business processes to improve safety, mitigate loss, and save time. Use AlertMedia to connect any audience to important events as soon as they happen.
  • AlertMedia_PPC_TextMessageAlertSystem_SolveRealChallenges_Emergency
    Quickly notify your audience of critical events like office closures, accidents, inclement weather, and other incidents requiring immediate attention.
  • AlertMedia_PPC_TextMessageAlertSystem_SolveRealChallenges_Operations
    Improve efficiency, save time, and increase profitability by solving complex operational and logistical challenges that require an enterprise communications platform.
  • AlertMedia_PPC_TextMessageAlertSystem_SolveRealChallenges_Communications
    Use two-way, real-time interactions with a vast range of audiences to improve engagement and coordination around the events that matter most to your business.

When Events Happen, You’re Ready to Communicate Across All Channels

AlertMedia helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your business, monitoring everything that’s important to you.

Communicate Faster and More Efficiently Today

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