Lone Worker Safety App

Protect Your Lone Workers

AlertMedia’s lone worker safety app is a zero-button safety solution that provides your organization’s lone workers with a 24/7/365 monitoring team to ensure your people are safe and protected when they’re working out in the field. AlertMedia is an innovative mobile application specifically designed for those working in potentially unsafe environments. The safety monitoring tool works in conjunction with a tether (plugged into any iOS or Android smartphone) or a timed session – leveraging the user’s location services and GPS to dispatch first responders and law enforcement to the lone worker’s precise location in the event of an emergency. As a leader in the space, AlertMedia provides a firsthand take on the importance of lone worker safety, and how technology and services can keep those people safe.

Protect your lone workers with a mobile safety app

A lone worker is defined as an employee whose job functions are carried out in isolation from others, without close or direct supervision.  When you have an employee working remotely, even if for a brief period, they are also classified as lone workers and it is up to you to ensure they are being looked after with their safety in mind. Jobs that fall under this category include social workers, truck drivers, nurses, factory workers, service technicians, and anyone who works outside of normal hours like custodians and service workers. People in these roles are exposed to risk every day, not only because of the hazardous scenarios that may arise just from doing their job, but also because they have no one nearby to provide them with immediate assistance.

Furnishing a workplace that is free from hazards and accounting for each employee is not enough to ensure their safety. Lone workers need the monitoring and protection necessary to shelter them from the wide range of dangerous scenarios that can occur at any moment.

Lone worker safety app benefits

Providing your workers in the field a proper solution will deliver four main benefits:

  1. A powerful deterrent. If threatened, make it known that pulling the bright-colored tether or hitting the panic button will send police to your location.
  2. An audible alarm. If attacked, your lone worker can initiate the alarm and an audible alarm will startle the aggressor.
  3. A signal. When the tether is pulled or the timed session expires, we’ll send law enforcement to your exact location.
  4. If your lone worker is worried about their working condition, she or he can feel confident that they are not alone, and that help will be there if needed.

The best lone worker safety app requires zero buttons


AlertMedia goes anywhere you do.

AlertMedia’s lone worker solution is the only solution on the market that signals an alarm without the user having to press any buttons, even if the mobile device is locked. In the event of a life-threatening or dangerous situation, there may be no time or even ability to worry about unlocking a phone and dialing for help.

When disasters happen, the zero-button safety solution works in concurrence with a tether or headphones (plugged into the audio jack of any iPhone or Android mobile device or a timed session) – empowering your employees to quickly signal for help when they’re in distress, saving precious seconds in an emergency. Once a tether has been pulled or the timer expires, AlertMedia’s 24-hour Monitoring Center receives a notification that a lone worker is in danger and dispatches law enforcement to the exact location of the threat using the GPS coordinates from the lone worker safety app.

Why are lone worker safety apps important?

Lone worker safety apps can singlehandedly transform your business by improving your employee safety and boosting your organization’s confidence in your security planning. In a world where almost every individual has immediate access to a mobile device, twenty percent of their day (on average) is spent browsing the web, online shopping, checking social media, all from a mobile device – why should monitoring your lone workers be any different? With a lone worker safety app, you have the power to connect with your employees whether you’re on-the-go or at your desk. Regardless of where your lone workers are out in the field, you have the ability to geographically track everyone through their location services in order to send real-time notifications regarding critical events in the areas that surround them. Through the lone worker mobile app, you can track and communicate with your employees, even when you are both completely working remotely.

Not only can you track, communicate, and dispatch law enforcement through AlertMedia’s technology, the software also gives you the power to easily run, view, and export numerous reports such as the number of incidents and their resolutions within a certain time frame, when and how incidents were resolved, as well as the precise location of these reported incidents. These kinds of metrics give you a detailed evaluation into your organization’s safety operations, while allowing you to assess the statistics that show you just how you and your lone workers are benefitting from a safety monitoring tool. AlertMedia has proven to be an incident deterrent that simultaneously reduces employee turn-over. With a simple, yet robust solution, increased monitoring and communication makes for happy employees that are prepared and apt to handle any potential risky situations they may face on a day-to-day basis while simply doing their jobs.


AlertMedia’s Monitoring Team works to protect your lone workers around the clock.

Lone worker safety app action plans – protecting your business and your people

When it comes to a lone worker facing a life-threatening or dangerous situations, you need to have an action plan in place so that everyone knows the procedure to get that employee the help they need immediately. However, not all companies operate alike. Depending on your needs and the current safety policies and procedures you already have in place, you’ll want to create a customized action plan for when these critical situations arise. Whether you prefer law enforcement and first responders on the scene immediately, or rather a security officer within your organization be the first point of contact, these parameters are easily programmed into your lone worker safety app account. If there is concern of a tether being pulled by mistake, you have the option to allot a certain amount of time, minutes or seconds, before our AlertMedia monitoring team dispatches law enforcement. Our dedicated team of customer success managers collaborate with you to ensure the processes implemented with the AlertMedia tool meet the requirements for your emergency action plan while simultaneously making sure they bring your lone workers back to safety. Naturally, action plans vary from company to company. Because AlertMedia works with companies across all industries such as social services, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and construction, our team can share best practices around action plan policies related to your needs. Whether your lone workers’ job functions require them to travel and constantly be on the road or work off-site, there are no locations our lone worker safety app can’t reach or scenarios it can’t mitigate.

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The AlertMedia lone worker safety app delivers the safety, monitoring, and communication solution that easily provides a two-way connection between you and your remote workers. AlertMedia’s platform offers an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface that requires no training to get your organization up and running.  Whether your employees are in one or spread across multiple locations, you have the power to geographically track and protect them twenty-four hours a day with our professionally-staffed monitoring team. Even though they’re lone workers, with AlertMedia they are never alone.


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