Connecting people all over the world: Using AlertMedia’s emergency notification mobile app to manage critical communications

In today’s world with everyone constantly on the go and the need to rely on our phones for work-related activities, it’s essential to provide mobile app accessibility to both the administrator and the audience you’re communicating with. You never know when a critical event will strike, but by having access to an emergency notification app to reach and interact with your people gives you the ability to keep your business and people safe.

Emergency notification app for administrators:

AlertMedia’s emergency notification app enables admins to send and receive important notifications on the go from your smartphone—Android, iPhone, tablet, and more. Getting the message out to your audience fast requires only a few simple taps to create and send a notification.

With the app, you can receive alerts that monitor your organization’s safety, respond to events and incoming messages quickly, and resolve time-sensitive situations. It securely stores and retrieves messages and past notifications, so you can keep the pulse of the business and your people informed.

App Key Features
From wherever you are, the mobile app allows admin users to:

  • Initiate notifications to any audience or group right from your smartphone, or tablet
  • Apply pre-built notification templates and send with just a couple of taps
  • Quickly bridge your audience over a conference call
  • Collect feedback from your people with surveys
  • Respond to and manage incoming messages and notification responses
  • Track real-time delivery and receipt of notifications
  • Direct people to safety or send immediate assistance via GPS

Your audience needs a mobile notification tool, too: 

AlertMedia’s emergency notification system app gives individual audience members peace of mind, knowing they have an accessible and reliable tool to stay informed, get assistance in an emergency, report an incident, or provide any relevant information relating to a crisis.

When a mobile user responds to an alert, sends in a message, or pushes the “Help” button, their GPS location is detected and provided to administrators—allowing you to easily locate those who may be traveling or at another location. In an emergency situation, administrators can provide immediate help to someone in danger, offer further assistance, or advise someone to a safer place.

A brief overview of how your audience can utilize the mobile app: 

 Use the app as an extra layer of protection. If your people choose to enable GPS on their phone for the AlertMedia app, users’ exact locations can be tracked in an emergency.

 Gain access to a one tap “Help” button that delivers their coordinates via GPS to the administrator, indicating they need immediate assistance.

Users can send messages to their administrator, or respond to a notification, all through the app.

Receive alerts from third-party sources via app push notification. You can subscribe to a variety of sources that track local or national warnings.

The power of the map and your mobile users

As an admin, when you access the AlertMedia dashboard, you can leverage the map section for a real-time view of your audience. You can see where your mobile users and groups are located, from where they sent in or responded to a critical message, and monitor areas of potentially dangerous situations through your sources. In an emergency, the map gives you the full picture of where the event is, how it’s progressing, and where your audience is—allowing you to respond directly from this important view.

Keep your audience safe and informed with these four key map features:  

  • Search for mobile users and pinpoint their location on a map – where they’re active, where they were last logged in
  • Track users during critical events and provide immediate assistance in an emergency, or direct a user to safety
  • Locate and track incoming messages and warnings via alert feeds
  • Notify groups and people from the map using geo-fence

AlertMedia’s emergency notification mobile app is a powerful tool for both administrators and audience members, offering all users a secure channel to remain safe and connected throughout a time-sensitive or emergency event.

If you haven’t downloaded the AlertMedia app yet, we recommend making it accessible on all of your devices. Download the free app for your Android or iPhone.