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For any important or time-sensitive message, AlertMedia allows you to engage in real-time, two-way interactions with any size audience. Our industry leading mass alert system combines voice, text, email, app push, social, and unlimited custom channels so that you can easily get the word out fast.

Key Features

  • Send unlimited mass alert messages, via any channel
  • Receive real-time, monitored warnings from thousands of sources
  • Our cloud-based platform requires no training, and a 24-hour setup
  • No hardware, software, or maintenance
  • All users gain access to location-based warning feeds
  • Apple and Android app downloads
  • Flexible pricing plans to fit your needs

Use AlertMedia for any important mass alert

  • Security threats, lockdowns, and crime
  • Scheduling and other logistics
  • Severe weather and related cancellations
  • Building, facility, and campus closures
  • Parking and other infrastructure logistics
  • Policy changes and reminders
  • Internet, phone, or other system outages
  • Area traffic and street closures
  • Fire drills and evacuations
  • Important events and reminders
  • Fleet and transportation management
  • Employee collaboration