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4 Ways Location Improves Your Emergency Communication Plan

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In the last ten years, the workplace has transitioned from stationary to mobile. As technology has advanced it’s changed the way we work, where we work, and when we work. In fact, this report by Global Workplace Analytics discovered that employees are not at their desks as much as 50-60% of the time. Many employees change locations multiple times a day, and others frequently travel or do offsite work. With the rise of staff on the go, there is an increase in external risks in addition to those that occur in the office. So how do you keep your people safe? You need a system that can adapt to people’s changing location and the changing landscape around us. Read More

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Beat Hurricane Season with Emergency Notification Templates

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Hurricane season is upon us and based on a recent report from The Weather Channel, you can expect it to be “busier’ than usual. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expects 11-17 named storms to hit this season, 5-9 of which are predicted to become hurricanes. This means that 2-4 of these storms are expected to become major hurricanes. These predictions put the expectations for this season above the thirty-year average for the Atlantic Basin. Read More

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5 Ways Interactive Maps Improve Emergency Alert Systems

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Not All Emergency Notification Systems Are The Same

Does your company have a modern mass communication system? When I say “modern,” I am referring to one that doesn’t rely solely on email or phone; one that is able to contact employees on multiple devices simultaneously; one that can be activated in a matter of seconds and reach its intended audience within minutes. I’m going to add another feature in the mix because it is so invaluable when it comes to reaction time – interactive maps. Read More

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How Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Can Transform Your Business

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Standardizing Safety Procedures

If your organization employs lone workers – those employees who work in the field alone – you need to be extra mindful of their lone worker safety. Configuring a safety plan that meets your organization’s needs can not only protect lone workers but can streamline your business operations. By providing employees with best practices for working alone and establishing a monitoring practice, every employee can feel safe no matter where they work. Read More

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Greyhound Deploys AlertMedia Emergency Notification System

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Greyhound, the largest provider of intercity bus transportation, serving over 3,800 destinations across North America, has deployed AlertMedia’s emergency notification system. Greyhound sought out to find a communication tool that would be easy for both executives and staff to streamline the way they were communicating within their workforce. With thousands of employees who are always on the go, the bus carrier recognized the need for a speedy and reliable way to connect with their workers. With the help of AlertMedia’s intuitive interface and customizable platform, Greyhound can now communicate updates and notifications with their people instantly and across any device. Read More

AlertMedia helps lone workers never be alone

Are you Doing Enough to Keep Your Lone Workers Safe?

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Lone Worker Safety – What Does it Mean?

Not every employee has the benefit of working with peers. Some are lone workers who do their jobs pretty much solo without coworkers or even supervisors nearby. Contractors, field workers, home health care nurses, social workers, realtors, and fleet drivers are just a few examples of lone workers. It is estimated that there are 53 million lone workers in Canada, the United States and Europe combined; a total of about 15 percent of the overall workforce. IDC estimates there are approximately 1.3 billion people who are considered mobile workers, many of whom work alone all or part of their day. Read More

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How Many Communication Channels are Enough for an Emergency Communications System?

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Emergency Notifications Then and now

If we are old enough, we can think back to the time when emergency notifications at work were fire alarms, overhead speaker alerts, and possibly a phone call with an automated message. These are also the days when most of us drove to work, stayed at the same desk at the same location for eight hours, then drove home. How many of us can say we follow this same nine to five, predictable schedule? Read More

Encouraging Employees to Become Brand Advocates

Encouraging Employees to Become Brand Advocates

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You Have Brand Advocates at Your Fingertips

Workforce.com published an article this week titled “How Engaged Employees Can Help Protect Your Brand from ‘Fake News.’” The premise is that every employee can become a brand advocate and push out positive brand messaging via social media, a much more effective marketing tactic than most corporate marketing programs. The key is to equip employees with relevant, interesting, and thought-provoking information that is “safe” to share. Read More