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When it comes to emergency preparedness, mass notification has evolved to include more than simply broadcasting a message in a building over loudspeakers and sirens. Mass notification means you also reach your people, with an individual, targeted message, wherever they are, and whether they’re on their mobile phone, at their desk, or at home.

Mass Notification Introduction

Your Mass Notification System plays a significant role in your emergency preparedness and communications planning

In today’s world, where emergency preparedness is absolutely necessary, access to tools that allow you to communicate over multiple channels at scale are critical to the protection of your organization.

What is a Mass Notification System?

A mass notification system provides you the technology and services you need to streamline critical communications to contact any size audience. Mass communications play a key role in every emergency preparedness, response, and recovery plan.

Why do you need a mass notification system?

When you have a message that’s important and you need to deliver it as fast as possible to varying sizes of audiences in different locations, mass distribution over multiple channels (text, email, voicemail, app push notification, social media, or custom channels) to your entire audience using an automated mass notification system is the most effective way.

Phone trees and email blasts are outdated and inefficient. You can’t guarantee your audience will receive the right message at the right time. But with a trusted mass notification system, it ensures the safety and connectedness of your people, and protects your organization.

When you have an urgent message that you need to communicate, consider the following:

Time is of the essence – Some communications are so critical, they cannot wait. From anywhere and on any device, emergency mass notification enables you to deliver notifications to hundreds of thousands of people within seconds.

Communication delivery is key – Certain events lend themselves to different channels, and a mass notification system gives you the ability to select multiple channels, as well as tailor how your message is delivered over each channel. If your situation is urgent, you will want to include text message, perhaps email, and app push notification for remote workers. Additionally, if you wanted to add voice call as a channel, your safety coordinator can record their familiar voice on a custom recording.

Your audience uses different devices at different times of the day – This is why manual phone trees and internal email simply doesn’t work anymore. If it’s crucial to your people’s well-being that they receive your communication, mass notification is your only option. When a critical event occurs, you may have some people in the office, a team out to lunch on their mobile phones, or employees working remotely or traveling, and you need to be able to send a message to whatever device they’re on—desktop, tablet, phone—wherever they’re located.

Communicate across the organization – No matter how complex or simple your organization is structured, it’s important you have a communications system in place that serves across your entire organization. This means that your mass notification system’s contact database can be built and organized in such a way that you can reach every member of your organization with the right message at the right time. Depending on how the event affects a particular audience or group of people, you can deliver targeted notifications by department, by region, real-time location, or by any other criteria that makes sense. Mass notification should be deployed through a system that’s secure and far-reaching.


Mass notification connects your people and organization.

You need to hear your audience’s voice – In order to gather the full picture to resolve an issue, you must give your audience an easy way to communicate with you. Most importantly, you need to be able to collect these messages and insights all in one streamlined place, so you can make informed decisions. Mass notification systems enable your audience to confirm they received a notification and respond to a notification, which is incredibly valuable in a critical situation. They can respond with a well-being status, a question or concern, or specific insight into the issue at hand with further information or different perspective.

The benefits of implementing a mass notification system

Centralized communications – Every organization, in every industry with any amount of employees, needs a streamlined resource for sending out mass notifications. A mass notification system simplifies delivering important messages, coordinating your people around an event, managing audience responses, and collecting meaningful data on how you react around an event. A 2015 Disaster Recovery Journal reports “organizations that have incident management tools report 72% higher readiness [for unexpected events]” when compared with those who do not have incident management software in place.

Multi-channel access to your people – With a mass notification system, you can reach your audience with just a few clicks—from a web browser, or on the go with the mobile app. To ensure each audience member receives your message, you can send your notification over multiple channels—text message, email, voice call, app push notification, social media, and any custom channels that would be convenient for your organization.


Use your mass notification system to contact your audience over any channel.

Audience grouping – Your mass notification system structure gives you the opportunity to organize your audience by key criteria, in support of how you’d like to manage important communications. This means your database is thoughtfully organized so that you can quickly contact a specific group of people.

Quick, efficient messaging – If your message is time-sensitive and it needs to be distributed across many channels so that you successfully reach a massive number of people anywhere, a reliable mass notification system is the only technology to accomplish this within seconds. Available tools within the system, like pre-built templates, grouping hierarchies, and geo-fencing, allow you to notify your people even faster.

Two-way communications – Your audience is the key to keeping the pulse of an ongoing event. With a mass notification system in place, your audience can report a situation or provide information via your emergency dedicated phone number. Additionally, you can collect and track feedback through surveys, incoming messages and responses, and read confirmations.

Tools for remote users – Mass notification administrators and end users have easily accessible tools to stay connected to their organization, or an event, at all times—from any device, anywhere. Admins can access the mass notification platform to send messages on the go from the app. End users can use the emergency notification app to send a signal for help, receive notifications, and respond with their own message.

Map-based view of your organization – Tracking your groups, mobile users, and the location of incoming messages and events from a live map gives you the big picture of what’s going on where, and how it’s affecting your people. Then, you can respond immediately, determining the right set of actions—right from the map view.

Insights into event or crisis response – Automatically gathering detailed reports around a specific event allows you to measure and improve how you respond to a crisis. You can easily monitor trends in your communications, as well as the frequency of events.

Improved incident response time – Automate and streamline your communications, so you can respond faster and with greater accuracy to any event. According to an IDC survey, “large enterprises indicate that a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000 a year on average.” With a mobile mass notification system in place, you can communicate with your audience quickly and reach a resolution much sooner.

Are you considering implementing a mass notification system?

Mass notification is instrumental in your organization’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and resolve an event competently and confidently—protecting your people and infrastructure, establishing business resiliency and mitigating loss.

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