Sexual Harassment Hotline: A Confidential Way to Report Inappropriate Workplace Behavior

Anonymously report sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace—24/7/365

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Protect your people & organization from sexual harassment

Your organization needs the right combination of people and technology to quickly identify sexual harassment, gather all pertinent information, and protect your employees. AlertMedia’s Sexual Harassment Hotline allows your employees to anonymously report sexual harassment, ensures confidentiality to eliminate the risk of threat or retaliation, and automatically executes your pre-defined sexual harassment response procedures.

Reliable, direct line to report sexual harassment
Full-featured mobile app for admins and employees
Trained monitoring experts on call 24/7/365
Two-way communication across multiple channels
Dispatches and communicates with emergency responders if needed
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Instantly executes your sexual harassment response plan
Trusted by Leading Organizations

“After more than a decade working in and managing 911 call centers, I can unequivocally say AlertMedia helps emergency personnel respond faster, more effectively, and with more information. Average 911 calls require a caller to stay on the line 6 minutes just to get enough details to dispatch units to the scene. At AlertMedia, we are able to provide emergency personnel with the information they need to respond in approximately half that time”

– Heather Deason, Monitoring Operations Director, AlertMedia

Provide Complete Anonymity for Individuals Reporting Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Allow your team members to report all instances of sexual harassment anonymously, with less risk of threat or retaliation. 100% confidential reporting benefits not only the individual reporting the inappropriate behavior, but your organization as well by ensuring there is less risk of escalation.

Trained Monitoring Experts Improve Sexual Harassment Response

When workplace sexual harassment occurs, the details matter. With AlertMedia, a highly trained monitoring specialist is available 24/7/365 to answer the call, collect pertinent information, and immediately inform relevant parties (i.e. Human Resources leadership)—providing them with critical details so they are better prepared to remedy the situation.

alertmedia monitoring center
AlertMedia Monitoring Center

Designed to Discourage Future Sexual Harassment

When it comes to sexual harassment, prevention should be the ultimate goal. AlertMedia’s 24/7 Sexual Harassment Hotline acts as a deterrent to those that may think to commit sexually inappropriate behavior, knowing that a secure, third party reporting system is available for complainants.

Is Your Organization Prepared to Properly Address Sexual Harassment?
Provide your people with a confidential way to report sexually inappropriate behavior