Multi-Channel Fire Communication Templates

Protect your employees from workplace fires with the world’s leading emergency communication system.

When an emergency happens, every second counts. Proactively prepare your organization for a fire or evacuation drill with pre-set messaging that keeps your people safe.

During a fire or emergency situation, it’s difficult to find the time or clarity of mind to craft coherent messaging. AlertMedia’s ready-to-use templates allow organizations to prepare ahead of time so during an emergency you can send notifications immediately. They cover the following scenarios:

  • Fire Drill
  • Workplace Fire Reported
  • Roll Call
  • Office Closure
  • Alternate Workplace Notice
  • Fire Contained/Clear

You’ll need to be ready with tailored messaging across communication channels. Our templates provide versions for all channels including: text message, email, voice call, and mobile app pushes. Keeping your people informed during a workplace fire can truly save lives and help your organization maintain business continuity.

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