Stay Safe with Emergency Mass Notifications

Quickly reach and protect your people during an incident.

Our customers use AlertMedia’s global, mass communications platform during critical events to send timely, secure notifications and updates, monitoring the safety of their people, mitigating loss, and protecting their business.


Business Resiliency

When critical situations occur, AlertMedia gives you the ability to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining business operations and safeguarding your people.

Any-channel Notification

To ensure that your message reaches your audience, you can push communications through various channels—email, voice call, text message/SMS, social media, app push notifications—all at once.

Real-time Communication

Time is of the essence during emergency events. AlertMedia gives you a reliable platform that allows you to continuously communicate with your audience as the situation unfolds.

Two-way Communication

Your people need updates. They need to know what is going on throughout an event. Establishing an ongoing dialogue with your audience will ensure that they’re in the know during a crisis.

Mapping and Geo-fencing

Our emergency alert system gives you an interactive view of people and groups. With map tracking functionality, send notifications by location and track your user’s location with the mobile app.

Audience Grouping

Segment your audience to receive applicable communications. AlertMedia gives you the ability to create group hierarchies, ensuring all of your relevant audiences receive notifications.

Audience Initiation

Give your people the power to report critical tips or knowledge. Your custom emergency phone number allows users to report important information via text or voicemail.

No Training Required

AlertMedia’s emergency notification system requires no training with an intuitive user experience that allows you to be up and running within minutes.


Track thousands of warnings—locally and nationally—that automatically alert you of any potential threats. Our platform gives you the ability to act quickly and smartly before an emergency situation even happens.


The Y of Central Maryland - AlertMedia Customers

AlertMedia’s audience interaction features allowed the Y of Central Maryland to stay continuously connected to their staff and members during the Baltimore Riots.

AlertMedia and Olson & Olson

With threatening weather on the way, AlertMedia immediately provided Olson & Olson with a way to communicate with their people quickly—they were up and using the platform in less than 24 hours.

Tokyo Electron - AlertMedia Customers

Tokyo Electron relies on AlertMedia to deliver weather alerts, travel warnings, system outages, and other critical announcements to their employees, keeping them safe and informed as they travel around the world.

Key Features Guide

Our quick and secure communications platform gives you a peace of mind during emergency situations.

Take a deeper look at some of our core features available within our web and mobile-based application.

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