Active Shooter Response Solution

Shorten response times, prevent chaos, and improve safety outcomes.

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Protect your people from active shooter threats

Workplace violence can happen at any time, anywhere. AlertMedia’s active shooter response solution—a combination of 24/7 people monitoring and world-class communication software—allows your employees to rapidly report an active shooter incident, ensures emergency personnel arrive quickly and well informed, keeps your people updated with real-time notifications, and automatically executes your pre-defined active shooter response procedures.

Reliable, direct line to report an active shooter
Instantly executes your active shooter response plan
Trained monitoring experts on call 24/7/365
Conducts wellness checks with read confirmations
Dispatches and communicates with emergency responders
Full-featured mobile app for admins and employees
Notifies employees of an active shooter situation
Two-way communication across multiple channels
Trusted by Leading Organizations

"After more than a decade working in and managing 911 call centers, I can unequivocally say AlertMedia helps emergency personnel respond faster, more effectively, and with more information. Average 911 calls require a caller to stay on the line 6 minutes just to get enough details to dispatch units to the scene. At AlertMedia, we are able to provide emergency personnel with the information they need to respond in approximately half that time.”

– Heather Deason, Monitoring Operations Director, AlertMedia
AlertMedia Monitoring Center

Trained Monitoring Experts Improve Emergency Response Operations

Employees can rapidly report and obtain assistance during an active shooter scenario by calling the AlertMedia emergency hotline where a professional monitoring specialist is available 24/7/365. We immediately dispatch emergency personnel—providing them with critical situation information so they arrive faster and better prepared to respond—and instantly alert all employees of the unfolding event across multiple communication channels.

Two-Way, Multi-Channel Communication Keeps Your People Informed

Using AlertMedia, organizations can send and receive critical communications via multiple channels (text, email, mobile app, voice, and social media) using one simple interface, improving notification delivery by reaching their people across all devices. Pre-built notification templates save time during rapidly unfolding events, while ensuring  thoughtful, detailed messages.

Designed to Support Recovery and Minimize Confusion

Misinformation can lead to delayed recovery and further trauma in the aftermath of an active shooter incident. Our event page functionality keeps employees informed every step of the way by providing a single online repository for all updates, needed resources, and instructions. AlertMedia also performs wellness checks, tracking down every employee to evaluate their condition and provide all necessary support.

Are You Prepared for an Active Shooter?
Keep your people safe and informed during and after an active shooter event.
AlertMedia’s best-in-class active shooter safety solution includes:
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Multi-channel notification delivery
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Monitoring experts available 24/7
  • Two-way communication
  • Employee wellness checks
  • Notification templates
  • Real-time location tracking and geofencing
  • Local threat monitoring and intelligence
  • Event pages
  • Full-featured mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Conference call initiation
  • Dynamic groups
  • Automated data syncs
  • Enterprise security