Emergency Notification Using AlertMedia

By June 9, 2014Homepage

Hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, school shootings, terrorist threats…it seems there isn’t a day that goes by without some natural or man-made emergency being reported in the news. Emergencies can happen anytime, with or without warning. They can affect anyone, anywhere…at or away from home, at work, on the road.

The key to saving lives is getting critical messages out immediately to those in harm’s way. AlertMedia’s Emergency Notification service does just that. It enables you and others to communicate quickly with any size group using any device –two-way text, voice, and/or email. It allows you to stay connected continuously to your audience in real time, letting you know the people you care about are safe or if they need help.

Most importantly, AlertMedia’s emergency notification software ensures that initial and follow-up messages are timely and that information being transmitted is consistent for everyone. You, the person next to you, and someone else across town are all getting the same information at the same time.

In addition, AlertMedia’s Warning Center monitors locations and threats affected by emergencies, and it coordinates information with thousands of resources, such as Homeland Security, the National Weather Service, government and law enforcement agencies, first responders and medical facilities. It sends you and your designated groups the types of warnings you want to receive to the specific zip code locations you choose.

AlertMedia’s mission is to save lives and minimize loss by facilitating timely, accurate and relevant communications when an emergency situation threatens personal safety and business continuity. Its technology is innovative, next-generation. Its notification service is perfect for municipalities, schools, healthcare facilities and private employers, both large and small.

AlertMedia’s services are ideal for businesses and organizations with 100 or more people in their audience. To learn more about AlertMedia and all of its incident management and emergency notification products, call (800) 826-0777. Get started with AlertMedia today.