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Protect corporate travelers from nearby threats, anywhere in the world

AlertMedia’s robust business travel safety solution helps you fulfill your duty of care, mitigate business travel risks, and ensure corporate travel safety. Our local threat monitoring and risk assessment engine continuously monitors for threats around the world, calculates the proximity of those threats to your business travelers, and instantly alerts you when relevant threats arise.

Rapidly identifies local threats facing travelers
Auto-notifies admins and travelers of relevant threats
Live map tracking and geofencing capabilities
Analyzes threat data from thousands of trusted sources
Full-featured mobile app for admins and employees
Performs over 100 million threat assessments daily
Two-way communication across multiple channels
Easy setup with no training required
Trusted by Leading Organizations

“As a financial services institution, the ability to communicate when disaster hits is vital to minimizing risk and customer impact. With AlertMedia, we can securely, easily, and quickly connect with employees to keep our operations running smoothly.”

– Lawrence Robert, VP of Business Continuity & Risk Management, Rockland Trust

Relevant Threat Warnings Delivered Instantly

AlertMedia rapidly identifies emerging threats that could impact corporate travelers, informing you of them in the AlertMedia dashboard and via auto-alert warnings. The system automatically notifies system admins and impacted employees of relevant threats—over text, mobile app, and email—keeping everybody informed and making business travel safer.

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence From Around the Globe

Using data from thousands of trusted sources and analysts around the globe, we provide instant insight into how your business travelers may be impacted by a potential threat. Expert monitoring analysts vet and curate all threat information so you have actionable, timely content that can be used to navigate evolving corporate travel risks.

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Innovative Threat Assessment Engine Analyzes Travel Risk

Capturing real-time location data as your people travel, we analyze it against threat data from around the globe to assess potential risks. Our threat assessment engine performs 100 million calculations daily to identify relevant threats. With AlertMedia’s business travel technology, you can keep your people safe 24/7/365—across time zones and across the world.

Integrated Emergency Communication Software

By integrating threat monitoring into AlertMedia’s industry-leading emergency communication system, threats impacting employees become easily actionable. Perform wellness checks, determine current employee needs, and communicate with traveling employees over multiple channels—all with just a few clicks or taps from any device.

Mitigate Corporate Travel Risks
Protect your people with location-specific threat intelligence delivered instantly.
AlertMedia’s business travel threat monitoring covers a wide variety of threats:
  • Security: Major protests, criminal activity, terrorism, active shooters
  • Transportation: Significant road or airport closures
  • Communications: Cell coverage outages
  • Legal: Changes to laws that could impact personnel
  • Financial: Important developments in the finance sector
  • Health: Disease outbreaks
  • Entry/Exit: Changes in immigration policies
  • Culture: National holidays, religious festivals, periods of mourning
  • Environment: Air quality, excessive heat
  • Severe weather: Winter storms, flooding, wildfires, tornados, tsunamis