Why Social Media Is Only a Piece of the Puzzle
Communications Nov 20, 2014

Why Social Media Is Only a Piece of the Puzzle

The sole use of social media in critical situations can have drawbacks. With AlertMedia you can send out multi-channel emergency notifications.

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We all know social media plays a major role in the lives of virtually everyone in the world. It’s known as an easy way for people to keep in touch with family, old high school acquaintances, and much more. But lately, a new trend has developed to use social media during natural disasters and other crises.

According to Chris Smith, a writer for TechRadar, an estimated 76% of Americans used social media to tell their family and friends that they were safe during a crisis – more than 3/4 of the population! And that was only in 2010; surely that number is much greater now.

However, the use of social media in critical situations can have drawbacks. One issue is mass hysteria, where situations can be made to look much worse than they actually are.

As a result, it is extremely difficult for the correct information to be relayed, or even believed. In other words, there is too much noise.

What contributes to too much noise on social media?

  • Fake updates and news stories claiming to be legitimate
  • Fake social media profiles claiming to be legitimate
  • False stories and accounts being shared under the pretense that the information is accurate

Although social media can be helpful in spreading the word, sometimes it can do more harm than good. Fortunately, there is a solution.

AlertMedia is the best way to eliminate the excess social media noise. Since AlertMedia is a mass notification system that utilizes a wide variety of media (SMS alerts, email alerts, voice, social media) to get the correct message out. So you don’t have to rely solely on social media for correct information.

In an age where people believe what they read, make sure your people receive the correct information.

Your people deserve AlertMedia – the only multi-channel two-way communication platform where you control the message at your fingertips.

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