The Impact of Emergency Notification Software for Airports

By March 19, 2014 September 9th, 2019 Emergency Management

In early November of 2013, the Los Angeles Airport experienced a shooting in terminal three, which killed one TSA agent and injured several others. An internal LAX’s review found that “officials had an inadequate emergency alert and warning system, failed to focus on incident command basics and fell short in communicating to passengers”. The review also identified that “there needs to be a continuing emphasis on incident command basics and that public mass notification at the airport ‘was lacking.”

AlertMedia understands the importance of having a robust public mass notification system in airports. Our system allows emergency coordinators to use any device, enabling them to be anywhere they need to be during the situation. Older systems require you to be at your computer but AlertMedia understands that during emergency situations you cannot remain at your desk.

Airports have employees in different roles and in many places. Baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants, and skycaps are all important audience members that emergency coordinators need to communicate with. During the shooting, there was “a lack of effort on the part of the airport authority to include these workers in emergency response coordination and communications as well as a lack of training and investment into the contract service workers who provide passenger services on behalf of the airlines.” AlertMedia can include and help coordinate with these important employees and contract workers.

Audience interaction and response is a key feature for providing the best communication during emergency situations. Not only will AlertMedia allow you to communicate to specific groups within your organization, our system is built to enable users to communicate back to the emergency coordinators. Clear communication is power, especially during emergency situations.

With AlertMedia airports and companies alike can communicate successfully during emergencies, when inefficient communication could cause negative outcomes.



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