The Power of Surveying
Communications Apr 08, 2016

The Power of Surveying

Using a mass notification solution to send surveys can help you engage your audience and obtain important, time-sensitive information during business-critical events.

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When it comes to engaging your audience or gleaning important information from a small or large pool of people, surveying through mass communications is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal.

Beyond collaboration, surveys give you the power to coordinate your audience around an important goal or event. Gathering feedback equips you to make informed decisions based on responses, and to take action in the best direction for a particular event, or a broader goal. Interacting with your audience with real-time surveying not only empowers you, but it empowers your audience to participate and put forth their opinion or preference. They are contributing to achieving a goal; their vote is being counted for.

For several of our customers, the survey tool has reshaped how they approach notifications. It’s provided an effective solution to complicated issues around scheduling and other operational logistics. For others, the tool is an interactive way to connect their audience around marketing and promotions, events, and more.

How our customers use surveys to solve challenges or interact with their audience:

  • AlertMedia’s survey tool automates shift scheduling and logistics for thousands of employees—such as caregivers and field technicians—working in many different locations, or on one campus. Managers are able to quickly correspond with individuals and easily assign jobs via real-time polling. Our platform improves internal processes and expedites day-to-day processes using custom surveys, applicable integration, and interactive tracking charts.
  • Marketing and communications departments leverage the tool to encourage audience participation by sending out surveys for people to interact with during an event or show, or to promote ongoing campaigns. Polling is a dynamic way to engage large audiences through customized, fun communications, or as part of a contest.
  • When unexpected events happen, like severe weather or internal power outages, human resources or safety coordinators conduct quick surveys to initiate recovery planning and to maintain business continuity. For example, organizations execute surveys to determine if their workers are safe, or equipped to work from home. The organization is then able to determine the next steps based on response.

Two-way mass communications software continually connects any size group of people throughout an event using inbound and outbound messages—and surveying can be an incredibly important part of controlling or enhancing that exchange. To organize a group of people around a common vote, defined by the boundaries of the choices you cast, allows you to collect actionable feedback and gives your people a voice. Whether it’s used for internal processes, critical events, or crowd engagement, surveys are a key component of mass communications.

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