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How to Ease Employee Anxiety During A Pandemic

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The daily barrage of COVID-19 statistics is all too familiar at this point in the pandemic. Every day, we hear about surging cases, increasing test capacity, and emerging hotspots.

Some statistics that are not as widely discussed, however, might be some of the most important. A recently conducted joint study by the CDC and the Census Bureau found that levels of anxiety and depression have spiked alongside case counts. Read More

What HR Should Look for in an Emergency Communication System

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Faced with an increasingly remote workforce due to COVID-19, today’s HR teams have their work cut out for them. HR needs to communicate with employees at a moment’s notice when critical events happen. But keeping a dispersed workforce informed and connected is a Herculean task. So, how can HR leaders successfully navigate this challenge?

Enter modern emergency communication software. Read More

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The Fallout after Landfall: Hurricane Impact on Non-Coastal Businesses

By | Emergency Management

Most people are familiar with the brightly colored cone of a hurricane’s projected track on a radar map. Weather experts are able to pinpoint a storm’s trajectory with increasing accuracy as it approaches land. But it’s easy to forget that the damage a major hurricane unleashes can reach far beyond its initial point of impact.

Businesses and residents far inland will often still feel the impact of major hurricanes — directly through wind damage and flooding or indirectly as the result of a disruption to shipping routes, commerce, and unforeseen issues. When evaluating potential hurricane damage to your business or residence, the narrow scope of a storm’s path can be misleading. Read More

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7 Best Practices for Building an Emergency Preparedness Communications Plan

By | Emergency Management

Everyone knows the old saying: failing to plan is planning to fail. Although it may be overused, when it comes to emergency preparedness, that quote is spot on. Having an emergency preparedness communications plan is critical if you want to keep your employees safe. As an organization, if a critical event arises, you must be able to respond immediately with confidence. You need a plan that puts you in a position to do that.

Emergencies and critical events can range from terrorist attacks to fires, snowstorms to power outages, network cyber-attacks to fast-spreading pandemics. You need an emergency communications plan that is versatile enough to apply to a wide variety of potential threats, while remaining detailed, and easy-to-use. A well-thought-out, simple, step-by-step emergency communications plan—with room for flexibility—is a key asset in incident response and business continuity. Read More

alertmedia during hurricane season

How Our Customers Use AlertMedia During Hurricane Season

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If your organization finds itself in the path of a hurricane, you need to react swiftly and decisively. Business continuity and employee safety are at stake. AlertMedia’s customers understand this reality, and they use our product to keep their people and business safe during all phases of a storm.

Several ingredients must come together for organizations to successfully navigate hurricane season. First, you need to detect the threat early on. Effective responses do not come together overnight. The best organizations have approaching storms on their radar days ahead of landfall. Next, as the storm nears, it is time to identify which employees and assets are at risk. Multiple factors go into this calculation, but the most important is the location of your employees in relation to the storm’s trajectory. Then, once it is time to act, they are able to quickly communicate with the relevant audience to execute their plan. Read More

customer success

Customer Success: The Most Crucial Element to an Emergency Notification System

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You’ve just invested in an emergency notification system. You’re eager to get the software up and running to keep your people safe, informed, and connected at all times — no matter the situation. But you hit a brick wall: you’re told the training will take two weeks, support is already unresponsive and costs extra, and integrating employee data? A complete debacle.

In the world of emergency communication software, a provider’s customer success capability has powerful implications. Quick setup is essential when you’ve got people and assets to safeguard.

We have had a fantastic experience with the entire AlertMedia team. Having a go-to contact that knows our company, understands our goals, and is invested in our success has made for a powerful partnership beyond that of a typical vendor.”

Jennifer Saylor, Manager of Customer Operations at Greyhound

Read More

HR guide to Emergency Communication Software

An HR Leader’s Guide to Emergency Communication Software

By | Communications

Research reveals that companies with effective communication strategies have a 47 percent greater return to shareholders and are 50 percent more likely to report below average turnover levels. Modern emergency communication systems enable HR leaders to keep employees safe, informed, and connected when it matters most. But at a time when budgets are tight and every investment must be justified, HR departments simply can’t afford to invest in one-trick pony platforms. Any technology solution must be versatile, flexible, and adaptable in order for organizations to get the most use and the greatest benefit out of their investment. Read More

How to Keep Your Employees Calm During a Hurricane

By | Emergency Management

A major storm system swirls together in the Atlantic. Over 48 hours, it rapidly intensifies into a Category 4 beast with sustained wind speeds of 130 mph. Forecasters warn that the hurricane will unleash catastrophic damage. It’s moving due west and your state is directly in its path.


There is plenty to fear for anyone facing a major hurricane. From personal injury to financial loss, these storms can be destructive, deadly, and result in long-term suffering. Read More

hr's role in safety

HR’s Role in Safety: How HR Wins With Effective Emergency Communication

By | Communications, Safety and Security

The COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally transformed the HR function and amplified the impact it can have on the business. As organizations around the world adapt to a new way of working and an evolving business landscape, the role of HR has never been more challenging—or more important.

One of HR’s core responsibilities is to implement human capital strategies that enable the organization to meet its current and future talent needs. But for any HR initiative or program to achieve its full potential—especially given our current circumstances—employee health and safety has to be at the top of HR’s agenda. Read More