The Impact of Emergency Notification Software for Airports

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In early November of 2013, the Los Angeles Airport experienced a shooting in terminal three, which killed one TSA agent and injured several others. An internal LAX’s review found that “officials had an inadequate emergency alert and warning system, failed to focus on incident command basics and fell short in communicating to passengers”. The review also identified that “there needs to be a continuing emphasis on incident command basics and that public mass notification at the airport ‘was lacking.” Read More

AlertMedia Q&A

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Here are some common questions we get at AlertMedia. If you have other questions, just contact us!

When would I use AlertMedia?

You would use our notification tools whenever you have an important and/or time-sensitive message to send to a large group, typically more than 20 people. They would receive your message by text, voice, or push notification immediately – and you could track their receipts and collect responses. Read More

Introducing AlertMedia…

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AlertMedia is changing mass notification into useful communication. When a message is urgent or important, when communication is critical, AlertMedia offers the most complete solution for knowing what’s going on, getting the word out, and controlling the message throughout an event. One time, one way communication is useless. Your people need updates. They need to share. They need to know what is going on, before they hear it from someone else. Read More