The Power of Surveying

By | Customers
When it comes to engaging your audience or gleaning important information from a small or large pool of people, surveying through mass communications is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. Read More

How to use mass communications to effectively reach your audience globally

By | Communications

Your communications platform is the hub for every important piece of information monitored, exchanged, and managed. When you need to get the word out fast around a critical event, your people’s safety, or maybe their next decision, depends on the system’s reliability and accuracy. If you’re using your mass communications software for emergency preparedness and incident response and resolution, then you know how crucial it is that your notifications are delivered quickly and securely to the right people at the right time and place. Read More

New to Mass Communications Software? Your Questions Answered

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Mass communication systems – they’re used to send out Amber Alerts and notify people of flood warnings, right? Seems cut and dry. Well, not exactly. Mass communication has been turned on its head and emergency notifications are now only the tip of the iceberg. Your people are connected like never before. They have powerful mobile devices, computers, tablets, smart watches, and social media, which are capable of quickly and efficiently connecting them to information that keeps them informed and safe. Living in a connected world requires you to adapt, to efficiently distribute information to your people in real-time. It will be critical to your success to have the ability to quickly and efficiently coordinate large audiences around important events. And this is where the full gamut of using mass communications software comes into play. Read More

5 Tools to Drive Audience Interaction through Mass Communications

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Mass communications in its simplest form means communicating on a large scale.

To some organizations, that means interacting with massive audiences around special promotions, announcements, and events—perhaps asking them to participate in a survey or to “text to subscribe” to sign up to receive communications. For others, it means emergency notification, or operational synchronization. No matter the audience or message type, efficient two-way communications optimizes and enhances the audience connection, delivering messages to people quickly, wherever they are, and giving them the opportunity to respond or engage. Read More

Mass Communication: An Inside View

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Good communication is core to the success of every business. The transferring of information from one source to another keeps everyone working toward the same goal, learning from the available institutional knowledge pool, and operating in sync around core business needs.

The process of sharing information has changed with the technology around us. It used to be enough to make a few calls (phone tree is a painful word from the past), or send an email, or print up a notice and hand it out to the team. Those processes worked because they represented the available communication channels at the time. Luckily, technology trends have led to improvements in the accessibility of both content and our audiences, giving rise to the powerful, multi-channel mass communications industry. Read More

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Emergency Notification System

By | Emergency Management

If you’re considering an emergency mass notification system, you’re already familiar with why it’s crucial to your business resilience and emergency preparedness planning. But have you thought about how you can amplify your mass communications software’s capabilities to fit other areas of your organization? What about the functions that will have the biggest impact on your operations and profitability? Read More

Deploy Your Emergency Notification Software Across the Entire Organization

By | Emergency Management

Organizations are increasingly exploring ways they can automate and improve their communications beyond one-way alerts and notifications. In addition to communicating quickly and easily during emergency situations, customers are looking for a holistic platform that gives them the option of notifying their audience for a variety of needs: marketing, operational improvements, organizational announcements, scheduling, and much more. From promotional subscriptions to automating manual processes, you should be able to use your notification software to send important messages and engage any audience with two-way participation tools. Read More