Efficient Employee Communications: Step Out of the Dark Ages of Mass Notifications

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Phone trees and mass emails used to be great methods for keeping your employees updated on a situation. People also used to think the world was flat. Times, however, have changed. Today, old school one-way messages simply won’t cut it. Your staff deserves modern technology to facilitate efficient communication in the workplace. Two-way mass communication systems are crucial to keeping your personnel in the know, and an employee notification system is a perfect fit for your communication plan. Read More

Getting the Most out of Your Employee Notification System

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An employee notification system can revolutionize the way you communicate with your personnel. The benefits of having a notification system available for your staff are numerous. They’re better informed, safer, and the system creates a sense of transparency that workers appreciate from their management.

Your system should provide a variety of features to simplify and streamline communication efforts with your team. To get the most out of your employee notification system, you can leverage its key features like the mobile app, your dedicated emergency number, groups, and HR system synchronization – among others. Read More

How to Reach Your People: Your Guide to Employee Notifications

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Regular and informative communication with your staff keeps the pulse of your organization beating. Employees value transparency, connectedness, and being in the know. When you, as an organization, make an active effort to communicate with your people when an incident occurs, or when an announcement affects their well-being, they know that their time, safety, and security are being respected.

Investing in an employee notification system such as AlertMedia enables you to streamline important communications to your staff—the people that make up and run the heart of your organization.

So, how can you use an employee notification system to best reach and connect with your employees? Read More

6 Tips for Creating Notifications to Massive Audiences

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If you want to effectively communicate with a massive audience, especially during a time-sensitive situation, you need a mass notification system that’s fast, secure, and far-reaching. Your mass notification system is the vehicle transporting your message and it’s paramount you can fully rely on its abilities.

But, there’s also another important factor to ensuring you reach your audiences in the most efficient way possible: crafting smart notifications. In addition to the sophisticated software you use to distribute your message, there’s also the how and what you deliver in that communication that plays a large role in keeping individuals safe and informed, and your entire organization connected. Read More

Planning Ahead: The Benefits of Templates in Your Emergency Notification Software

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A critical event can be incredibly stressful, and if you aren’t prepared to effectively communicate when disaster strikes, a negative situation can escalate quickly.

The cost of unpreparedness is high – a notification that is put together in the spur of the moment can have a devastating effect that will likely prove costly for an organization, both monetarily and otherwise. Informing the wrong users of an office closure, or failing to provide vital evacuation information in the case of a fire is a serious issue.

One way to take control and eliminate hurried responses is to create notification templates. Templates are pre-built notifications that include your message, pre-set delivery channels, your audience, and any other needed customizations like read confirmations and surveys. You can improve your emergency response plan by creating templates to ensure you always send out the right message at the right time. Read More

Your Emergency Notification Software: Building Resilience through Monitoring

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Business resilience is your organization’s ability to adapt and adequately respond to events—no matter how critical the situation—that affect your business internally or externally with little impact to your operations, people, and structure. Your business’s ability to be resilient and prepared relies on careful, corresponding planning related to both business continuity and disaster recovery, and at the forefront of prevention and strong response is access to monitoring your business and your people. Read More

AlertMedia Philanthropy: Giving Back to our Austin Community

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AlertMedia’s company values not only reflect our commitment as a team to be the leader in the emergency mass notifications market, but also to be leaders within our community by volunteering and helping to serve those in need. We strongly believe that an important part of giving back includes getting out in your city and pitching in to make an impact on the community and beyond. Read More

7 Must-Have Features of an Emergency Notification System

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When you start to evaluate emergency notification system vendors, you’ll need to narrow in on your organization’s specific needs. Which features matter the most? And are they easy to use? As you’re looking for a vendor to best fit your emergency notification requirements, be on the lookout for these seven must-have features of an emergency notification system that will make your communications easier. Read More