Incident Management Using AlertMedia
Emergency Management Jun 25, 2014

Incident Management Using AlertMedia

Managing emergencies requires effective employee communication tools that ensure accurate messages are sent, received, followed-up, and tracked.

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It happens all the time… incidents that disrupt a company or organization’s daily operations — a power outage, an event cancellation, a facility accident, or a security breach. Some are minor incidents, some are major, but all require that you disseminate accurate information immediately to all affected parties. Preparing for these incidents takes proper planning. Managing these incidents takes effective communication tools that ensure accurate messages are sent, received, followed-up, and tracked in real-time until the situation is resolved.

This is where AlertMedia helps you take control of the situation. Incident management is our specialty, and we provide emergency communications products designed to put you continuously in touch with your employees, customers, and other stakeholders when you need to get the word out – fast.

AlertMedia’s notification product uses state-of-the-art technology that allows you to communicate quickly with any size group using two-way text, voice, and apps. You, or anyone on your incident management team, can reach out to anyone, anywhere, at any time using any device. Message recipients can then respond and provide you with their status, sharing information that you may need to manage the incident.

The world has changed. One time, one-way communication no longer works in a crisis or when an incident occurs that affects your company or organization, your people, and perhaps their reputation. Urgent emails and telephone voice messages don’t always get answered immediately, and misinformation shared through social media can sometimes do more harm than good.

The good news is that the AlertMedia notification system allows you to control the message throughout the incident. Everyone receives the most up-to-date and accurate information on the situation at the same time before they get someone else’s, or the media’s, interpretation of the incident.

The even better news is that the AlertMedia product is easy to use and affordable. It is designed specifically for any size organization. High-tech, low-tech, no-tech companies can benefit from its subscription service. There’s no hardware, software, or maintenance to worry about. Its platform is designed for speed and simplicity. When a message is critical or time-sensitive, the notification process can happen in just a few seconds, with as little as three clicks.

In addition to its incident management products, AlertMedia also provides a monitoring service that connects your incident management team with thousands of sources – from Homeland Security to the National Weather Service to your local sheriff – so that you can be the first to know of threats to your people, your infrastructure, or your business. AlertMedia delivers a real-time feed to you, based on your location(s) and which types of threats you decide you want to be monitored.

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