Emergency Notifications to a Massive Audience: Four Keys to Success

By May 19, 2016 August 8th, 2018 Emergency Management

The secret to effective mass notifications lies in the simplicity of sending the notification, and streamlining all the activity into one seamless experience, so you can get to the core of what matters most: communicating an important message and monitoring the well-being of your people.

Every day, AlertMedia customers send notifications connecting their audiences in different locations all over the world. Two-way mass communications is quickly creating a connected audience—no matter the size.

An easy-to-use mass notification system that keeps the process of sending a notification simple, while facilitating activity that’s easy to access, manage, and measure, makes our emergency notification software smart and efficient.

Your emergency mass notification software should deliver an incredibly simple and intuitive user experience, giving you quick access to:  

1. Monitor the world around you, your business. You should be able to monitor what’s important to your organization—your people, your communications, outside threats.

Our 24/7 monitoring center tracks third-party sources, looking for warnings that could impact your business. Our monitoring team curates and delivers urgent news from sources like the Centers for Disease Control, National Weather Service, your local police department, and more. The purpose of sources is to listen to potentially dangerous local or national events that could provide valuable information to you and your organization. You can then communicate those critical events with emergency notifications to your people.

2. Send massive amounts of notifications within seconds, from anywhere, over any channel. Expect a secure and reliable architecture that will deliver your messages over any channel(s) you choose—text, voice call, email, and app—to every individual immediately upon hitting the “Send” button. Send notifications to your audience from whatever device you’re using, and reach them wherever they are, from wherever you are.

The AlertMedia platform is a secure, cloud-based emergency mass notification system, operating with the most scalable and reliable architecture available on the market. Rest assured knowing that the environment through which your messages are being sent and delivered is the safest for your data with best-practices security policies. Our system delivers your notifications rapidly, and safely.

3. With one click, deploy important communications, like surveys, conference calls, read confirmations, and pre-built templates.

For any important message, you can always send a notification and decide whether or not you’d like to track receipt of that notification with read confirmation. You can also, however, use the notification tool to ask your audience to participate by providing feedback via survey. If a critical matter comes up and you need to collaborate with people immediately over voice call, you can quickly bridge a conference call. And in order to better leverage the power of planning ahead, apply your thoughtfully-crafted templates to notifications to save time.

4. Manage conversations with your audience via incoming messages and responses. Your emergency notification system should give you the option to interact with your audience in an easy, organized way.

As a true two-way mass notification system, AlertMedia empowers your audience to send in messages whenever necessary to your dedicated emergency phone number. People can reach you, over the platform, by texting or leaving a voicemail. When you send a notification out to your audience, they can respond directly to that message.

Incoming message and notification response activity are crucial to monitoring your people, listening to your audience, and staying informed.

Your emergency mass notification should be simple to use; anytime you log into the system, the process to send a notification and manage your activity is second nature. Like AlertMedia, your emergency notification system should always have an innovative, modern approach—with a secure environment that you and your people can rely on to stay safe, informed, and connected.


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