Deploy Your Emergency Notification Software Across the Entire Organization

By February 5, 2016 September 9th, 2019 Emergency Management

Organizations are increasingly exploring ways they can automate and improve their communications beyond one-way alerts and notifications. In addition to communicating quickly and easily during emergency situations, customers are looking for a holistic platform that gives them the option of notifying their audience for a variety of needs: marketing, operational improvements, organizational announcements, scheduling, and much more. From promotional subscriptions to automating manual processes, you should be able to use your notification software to send important messages and engage any audience with two-way participation tools.

We’ve built our emergency mass notification software on a flexible foundation, one that provides custom communication solutions for a spectrum of scenarios. A handful of our customers use AlertMedia—and were initially drawn to our system—primarily to deliver secure messages during critical events. However, since the platform is so versatile and offers a vast number of applicable features, they’re able to quickly recognize areas within their organization that could benefit from using the system as well. For example, Heart Hospital of Austin partnered with AlertMedia to deploy emergency notifications, but soon realized they could also automate day-to-day scheduling and fill shifts.

To get you thinking about how your organization can improve coordination around critical events, here are a few more scenarios to highlight how our customers are using the AlertMedia platform:

  • AT&T automates shift scheduling for thousands of field technicians. Managers use the survey functionality to correspond with technicians, set goals to modify audience interaction, and finalize job assignments via real-time polling.
  • To efficiently keep their customers in the loop, DHL uses a custom text message and email subscription process to send delivery status alerts due to inclement weather or unexpected events that may affect their shipments. Additionally, they leverage the platform for marketing engagements—sharing important news, network enhancements, and special promotions to their customer base.
  • The YMCA of Central Maryland engages their members and supporters with daily communications. We created a custom opt-in subscription process, offering members a way to stay connected with regular schedule updates and event notifications, including class reminders and cancellations.

Organizations small and large leverage the AlertMedia’s emergency notification software to accomplish a multitude of communication goals—our system can adapt and scale to solve any simple or complex communication challenge. Take a closer look at how our customers apply the platform’s technology to their different communication scenarios: emergency notification, operations and logistics, and business communications.

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