6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Emergency Notification System
Emergency Management Feb 12, 2016

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Emergency Notification System

The right mass communications partner is critical to your success. When reviewing a system to protect your organization lookout for these core components.

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If you’re considering an emergency mass notification system, you’re already familiar with why it’s crucial to your business resilience and emergency preparedness planning. But have you thought about how you can amplify your mass communications software’s capabilities to fit other areas of your organization? What about the functions that will have the biggest impact on your operations and profitability?

As you evaluate solutions, you’ll want to consider the features and functions that speak most to your business’s success. Ones that you can use to optimize your organization’s processes, communications, and audience engagement. Be sure to find a partner that understands your obstacles and goals because your communications challenges should drive your decisions.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Emergency Notification System

When reviewing a system that’s responsible for protecting your organization, improving operations, and mitigating loss, be on the lookout for these core components:

1. Scalability and security
How long does it take a mass communications system to reliably send thousands of messages? You should be able to reach hundreds of thousands of people within seconds across any device over any channel in real time. If not, you risk a disconnected and uninformed audience during important situations.

2. Intuitive user experience
A modern UI—one that is easy to understand and requires no training—is key to your success. You should be able to log in and get the word out fast without having to search or remember where all of the main functionalities live.

3. Audience interaction tools
It’s important to have a platform where your audience has a secure, easy way to engage with you and have real-time conversations throughout events. Not only can two-way communication tools help resolve events more quickly, but you can also use them to coordinate operations for things that would benefit from timely notifications like distributions and scheduling.

4. Easy implementation and a dedicated success manager
There should be no burden on you to integrate the software with your organization. Implementation should be quick and easy, and you should have a Customer Success Manager available to guide and support you every step of the way.

5. Enterprise customization and accessibility
Customizing the software to fit your needs and workflows, and having full access to a flexible API are musts for ensuring the platform is a synchronized, branded extension of your organization.

6. Event monitoring
Fully integrated communications matched with a reliable service that monitors data, trends, and any other sources that may put your business at risk can help ensure your stability and resiliency. Access to event monitoring will proactively protect your people and organization so you can focus on what matters most: your business.


The right mass communications partner is critical to your success. Are you interested in learning more about AlertMedia’s platform and what it means to partner with us? Check out our emergency mass notification software and download our Customer Success Guide.

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