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Integrations and the future of mass notification

Integrations Will Play A Major Role in Future Mass Notification Systems

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With 2017 already underway, it’s a good time to look at what we think will be major drivers in the mass notification system market. One recent report estimates this market is to grow from $4.16 billion in 2016 to more than $9 billion by 2021. It appears the focus will be on business continuity strategies and IP-based notification devices. Let’s break those down a bit. Read More

Using Mass Communication Systems to Gain Control in the Chaos

Control in the Chaos

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Emergency Management Market Skyrockets

When we heard the report based on new market research that the incident and emergency management market is projected to reach $114 billion by 2021, we weren’t surprised. But what people may not realize is why the market is exploding. The report notes the growth is due to “changing climatic conditions, increasing government regulations and norms, extensive usage of social media to spread information, and increased threats of terrorist attacks.” Read More

Mass Text Software Becoming Standard Protocol for Emergency Notification

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Key Drivers

I recently saw an article from Campus Safety magazine that discussed how college campuses are attempting to maximize the ROI of their alert systems. This isn’t a surprise, as it has become mandatory for schools to have some sort of mass communication system in place for emergencies. Sadly, school campuses from elementary through college have lost their sense of security after so many stories of campus violence. We’ve all mourned the tragedies of Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Virginia Tech. There have been 142 school shootings in the U.S. since 2013 and nearly every state has been affected…see the above map.

On top of everything schools have to contend with each year , these horrific crimes have quickly placed campus security at the top of the priority list. The mass notification system market is responding and is expected to grow to nearly 10 billion USD by 2021, due in part to the growing demand for public safety and increased awareness for emergency communication solutions. Read More

Get the Word Out with Mass Notification Software

Are You As Prepared As You Think You Are?

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We’d like to think we’d know what to do in an emergency, but studies show many Americans are not as prepared as they think they are. If we, as private citizens, haven’t prepared our homes and families for emergencies, how can we expect our employers to have a plan in place?

Preparing your home for an emergency is quite different than your workplace. We assume our managers and executives have some sort of plan in the books, right? Maybe the answer is in a poll that revealed more than half of Americans assume local authorities will come to their rescue with disaster strikes, whether at home or in the office. If you’re a business owner or have a management role, particularly related to security, maybe it’s time to look at mass notification software as part of an emergency plan. Read More

Did You Prepare for National Preparedness Month?

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A More Modern Mass Notification System

We are coming to the end of National Preparedness Month so it only makes sense we talk about mass notification systems and whether or not you have one in place.  The government has ways to notify you in case of an emergency, traditionally via television and radio broadcasts. But even the typically slow-to-change government is recognizing the value of social media and other ways to gain attention from the masses and help everyone be prepared before an emergency ever happens. Read More

How Mass Communication Software Can Prepare You for the 2016 Hurricane Season

How Mass Communication Software Can Prepare You for the Hurricane Season

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Storms, they are a’brewin’

Have you checked the weather lately? The 2016 hurricane season is starting out with a bang. NOAA has already issued several advisories for both the Atlantic and Pacific. Take a look at some of the latest headlines from the Weather Channel:

“Gulf of Mexico ‘Hot Tub’ Could Fuel Hurricane Season” and  “Hurricane Season Forecast Update: 10 More Named Atlantic Storms Expected.” There are millions of people in harm’s way and hundreds of families and business bracing for the deluge. Read More

Planning Ahead: The Benefits of Templates in Your Emergency Notification Software

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A critical event can be incredibly stressful, and if you aren’t prepared to effectively communicate when disaster strikes, a negative situation can escalate quickly.

The cost of unpreparedness is high – a notification that is put together in the spur of the moment can have a devastating effect that will likely prove costly for an organization, both monetarily and otherwise. Informing the wrong users of an office closure, or failing to provide vital evacuation information in the case of a fire is a serious issue.

One way to take control and eliminate hurried responses is to create notification templates. Templates are pre-built notifications that include your message, pre-set delivery channels, your audience, and any other needed customizations like read confirmations and surveys. You can improve your emergency response plan by creating templates to ensure you always send out the right message at the right time. Read More

7 Must-Have Features of an Emergency Notification System

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When you start to evaluate emergency notification system vendors, you’ll need to narrow in on your organization’s specific needs. Which features matter the most? And are they easy to use? As you’re looking for a vendor to best fit your emergency notification requirements, be on the lookout for these seven must-have features of an emergency notification system that will make your communications easier. Read More