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Collin Fredricks

Using a Wildfire Map to Protect Your Business

By | Emergency Management, Safety and Security

Wildfires are one of the most unpredictable natural disasters out there.

Unlike hurricanes or winter storms, they are impossible to forecast ahead of time. They can start up in an instant—after a lightning strike, unattended campfire, or a gender reveal party gone wrong. Researchers estimate that 85% of wildfires are human-caused.

To top it off, wildfires spread extremely quickly—up to and exceeding 10 miles per hour. In just a few hours, a fire that starts off very small can engulf wide swaths of land. Read More

How to Scale Back Reopening When Cases Surge

By | Safety and Security

If the first stage of the pandemic was primarily proactive, we are now safely in the reactive stage.

For the first few months of the pandemic, unknowns were everywhere. We did not know how to test for the disease at scale, how it spread, or how deadly it really was. Because of all these unknowns, we made it our mission to flatten the curve—hoping to limit the initial surge and give us time to learn about the disease and prepare accordingly. Read More

HR’s Role in Employee Safety [Webinar Recap]

By | Communications, Emergency Management

In mid-August, AlertMedia hosted a webinar on HR’s role in keeping employees safe. The conversation was held between John Muller, Director of Talent at Gehring Group, Sandra Stolte, VP of HR Benefits and Operations at Healthgrades, and Peter Steinfeld, AlertMedia’s SVP of Sales.

John and Sandra provided valuable insight on the ways that HR helps keep employees safe in their organizations. If you missed the webinar, you can access the recording here. Read More

easy employee anxiety

How to Ease Employee Anxiety During A Pandemic

By | Communications

The daily barrage of COVID-19 statistics is all too familiar at this point in the pandemic. Every day, we hear about surging cases, increasing test capacity, and emerging hotspots.

Some statistics that are not as widely discussed, however, might be some of the most important. A recently conducted joint study by the CDC and the Census Bureau found that levels of anxiety and depression have spiked alongside case counts. Read More

alertmedia during hurricane season

How Our Customers Use AlertMedia During Hurricane Season

By | Customers

If your organization finds itself in the path of a hurricane, you need to react swiftly and decisively. Business continuity and employee safety are at stake. AlertMedia’s customers understand this reality, and they use our product to keep their people and business safe during all phases of a storm.

Several ingredients must come together for organizations to successfully navigate hurricane season. First, you need to detect the threat early on. Effective responses do not come together overnight. The best organizations have approaching storms on their radar days ahead of landfall. Next, as the storm nears, it is time to identify which employees and assets are at risk. Multiple factors go into this calculation, but the most important is the location of your employees in relation to the storm’s trajectory. Then, once it is time to act, they are able to quickly communicate with the relevant audience to execute their plan. Read More

reopen business

Using Surveys to Reopen Your Business

By | Communications

As businesses across the country move to reopen, one thing is becoming clear. This is a difficult and complicated process—and communication is critical.

One of the most useful types of communication that organizations are using to facilitate this process is surveys. Getting feedback from employees is absolutely necessary to plan and execute an effective reopening. Surveys—sent out using your organization’s mass communication system over SMS, email, voice, or push notification—help you gather this feedback quickly and efficiently in mass. Read More

emergency weather alerts for corporate travelers

Keep Traveling Employees Safe with Emergency Weather Alerts

By | Safety and Security

No one ever plans to be stranded in a snowstorm or threatened by a hurricane. Despite predictions by meteorologists, weather seems to have a mind of its own. Due to the unpredictability of mother nature, you must be prepared to react quickly when bad weather strikes. This becomes especially challenging when you are dealing with business travelers–who are likely traveling to a location with completely different weather threats than their your primary office. By equipping traveling employees with emergency weather alerts, you can ensure that they have the most up to date information available. Read More

university's duty of care

A University’s Duty of Care: What You Need to Know

By | Safety and Security

Duty of care is one of the fastest-developing areas of law worldwide. Over the past five years, the United Kingdom and France have both passed laws that lay out specific guidelines for employers. Meanwhile in the United States, the courts have begun to widen the scope of who owes a duty of care. Most recently, the courts have taken up the question: what is a university’s duty of care to students? Read More