AlertMedia Q&A
Company News Nov 05, 2013

AlertMedia Q&A

Below you’ll find some of the comment questions we receive about AlertMedia’s products and services!

When Would I Use AlertMedia?

You would use our notification tools whenever you have an important and/or time-sensitive message to send to a large group, typically more than 20 people. They would receive your message by text, voice, or push notification immediately – and you could track their receipts and collect responses.

You would use our Warning Center feeds to monitor (24/7) any and all threats at whatever locations you choose – including weather, security, health, safety, and more – and to allow for information about those threats to be sent quickly to your group as well.

You would use the incident management tools in our system to allow your group to follow an event as it unfolds, receive updates, add their own perspective, and have quick access to documentation and other resources.

Why Wouldn’t We Just Use Email?

People are using email less and less, and checking it less often. If the message is important, and you want the recipient to read or hear it quickly, AlertMedia makes more sense. If you want to verify a message was received, or even locate the recipient in an emergency, then AlertMedia makes more sense.

But not to worry. Our notification tools allow you to send messages by email, too!

What Types of Organizations Need AlertMedia the Most?

Organizations with 20 or more people. Our product is great for large employers, large campuses and buildings, city managers, schools, universities, fire departments, police departments, nursing homes, airports, health care facilities, field service technicians, industrial facilities, financial institutions, apartment complexes, stadiums, convention centers, transportation companies, sales organizations, public gatherings, retail chains, homeowners associations, and many more.

How Secure and Reliable is the AlertMedia System?

Extremely. When you use AlertMedia for mass notification, you can rest assured that your information is safe, that the warnings we send you are credible, and that your messages to your people will be delivered.

Through our partnership with Microsoft, our system runs securely on its global network of data centers. Our Warning Center information is fed to us directly from government agencies including the National Weather Service, Homeland Security, FEMA, and thousands of local fire and police departments.

What Carriers Support the AlertMedia Messaging Platform?

For notifications, we are connected to carrier networks globally, including AT&T, Alltel, Boost Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, and dozens of other major carriers. Contact us if you would like to ask about a specific carrier.

Is AlertMedia Expensive?

No. AlertMedia is very affordable. Pricing is based on several factors – our pricing adjusts as the size of your audience changes.

And keep in mind the cost of loss or injury of the people you are using AlertMedia to communicate with, as well as the cost of damage to property, business interruptions, damage to your reputation, lawsuits, etc.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Messages I Can Send?


How Soon Can I Start Using AlertMedia?

Today. Sign up here to try AlertMedia for FREE.

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